Wireless Services

Policy Statement The College provides wireless connectivity in designated locations on campus; no other wireless access points are allowed on these sites.  https://www.holycross.edu/information-technology-services/it-policies

Campus Wireless FAQ

For Parents and Guests:

HCGuest is available across the campus. Guests can access wireless services for 24 hours after completing a simple email registration process. Connect your device to HCGUEST, open a web browser. At the registration page enter your name, email address, accept the terms of use policy and click the Register button. After 24 hours, guests will need to re-register using the same steps.

For Holy Cross Students:

HCWIRELESS available to students across the campus. Students will need to use their Holy Cross network username and password when prompted for authentication. This connection does not have a time restriction.

Wireless services (802.11b/g/n) are available in the following locations:


Athletic Areas Soccer and Football field press areas
Beaven Hall All areas
Brooks All areas
Campion All areas
Cantor Art Gallery All areas
Dinand All areas
Fenwick Hall All areas
Fieldhouse All areas
Haberlin Hall All areas
Hart Center Basketball court and concession areas
Hogan Campus Center All areas
Kimball Dining Hall All public areas
Libraries Dinand library, Science library, Music library, and Rehm library
Memorial Plaza All areas
Millard Art Center All areas
O'Kane Computer Lab All areas
Smith Hall First floor, second floor lounge, and Rehm library
Smith Laboratories All areas
Stein All areas
Swords Hall All areas
Residence Halls All areas


Incoming Students

If you purchased a laptop through the College Bookstore, it will work with the College’s wireless services.
If you already have a wireless card in your laptop, it should pick up the signal in the locations listed above.
Your wireless performance is dependent upon the model wireless card installed.

Caution: Use of wireless technology should be treated as you would an Internet café. It is a public service and caution is advised. The wireless network is separate from the College network. Data traffic is not as tightly secured. Wireless transmissions increase the possibility of data theft. Use at your own risk.

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