Health, Wellness and Recreation

Educating the whole person includes caring for every student’s well-being. As a community, we are committed to ensuring that everyone at Holy Cross feels healthy and happy — not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Students doing yoga

Mind, Body, Spirit

Our approach to wellness reflects the Ignatian principle of cura personalis — care for the whole person — and encompasses every dimension of students’ lives. At Holy Cross, this takes many forms. It’s the academic mentoring and guidance we offer for every student, working to tailor their learning to match their personal abilities, desires and goals. It’s the emphasis we place on physical fitness, encouraging all members of our community to lead active and healthy lifestyles. It’s the attention we give to diet and eating habits, making registered dietitians available for one-to-one consultations with all students — not just those with dietary restrictions. And it’s the care we take with their emotional and physical needs, offering a robust suite of services that ensure every student, staff, and faculty member is fully supported during their time at Holy Cross.

Health Services

Health Services provides quality health care that recognizes the individual needs of the students and supports their academic success.

suspended jogging track in The Jo
Campus Recreation

Our athletic teams are a big deal on campus, and our entire community comes together to cheer them on. That said, with dozens of intramural sports and wellness options like yoga and ballroom dance, there are a thousand ways to stay happy and healthy at Holy Cross.

Counseling Center

Holy Cross offers accredited psychological services that assist students in functioning at their best.

The Jo

We offer a variety of healthy activities that include yoga and Pilates, and educational events that promote healthy living. When it comes to sensitive issues such as alcohol and tobacco use, we address topics related to personal health in a simple, straightforward, and private manner.


Holy Cross offers accommodations and services for students and staff members with disabilities, ensuring they can take full advantage of their time on The Hill.

Sexual Respect and Title IX

At Holy Cross, we strive to act in ways that benefit others and increase the equality of all. We are deeply committed to maintaining a community of students, staff, and faculty members that respects women and men at the highest level, and that treats both equally and fairly.