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Hogan Courtyard

A busy "crossroads" of campus, the Hogan Courtyard is a popular spot for outdoor gatherings and student events. The buildings, from left, are O’Kane (with clock tower), Fenwick and Smith halls. The Worcester skyline is in the background.

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Linden Lane

Linden Lane, the beloved leafy entrance to the College, serves as the first point of contact for many visitors. To the right is O’Kane Hall and its landmark clock tower. The Worcester skyline is in the background.

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Center for Performing Arts

Situated between the Hogan Campus Center and the Luth Athletic Complex, the Prior Performing Arts Center, will include a 400-seat concert hall and a 200-seat flexible performance space, plus technology to support creative interactions between the arts and other disciplines. 

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Recreation and Wellness Center

The Jo, as it is colloquially known, contains sports courts, jogging track, weight rooms, locker rooms; and rooms for yoga, spinning, and other fitness classes. The center is home to all club and intramural sports, as well as recreation, fitness, and wellness programming for students, faculty, and staff.

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