Network Account

The Holy Cross network account provides access to technology systems and services. These may be onsite at the College or located off site through a third party company. Students, Faculty and Staff members are provided a network account at their date of hire or enrollment. Note: Holy Cross network accounts are different from Holy Cross Google Apps accounts (for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc.). Students, faculty, and staff receive both a network account and a Google Apps account.

Available To

Students, Faculty, and Staff. Affiliated individuals upon approval.


One account to access multiple systems and resources. 

Key Features

  • No expiration. 
  • Protection of personal and identity information is ensured by requiring a strong passphrase which is defined on the Information Security page. 
  • Staff and Faculty usernames are created using first initial and last name plus a middle initial if needed.
  • Student usernames are created using first initial, middle initial, last name, and expected graduation year.
  • Passphrases for network accounts are NOT synchronized with passphrases for Google Apps accounts. It is suggested that they NOT be the same, for added security.
  • Requests for name changes will be made after completing a legal name change through the Registrar (students) or Human Resources (Staff and Faculty).
  • Account terminations are managed for students based on their status as set by the Registrar's office.  Account terminations for Faculty and Staff are based upon the status as set by Human Resources.


  • Active employment Faculty or Staff
  • Yearly IT Security training is completed
  • Matriculated students
  • Request for new accounts start with Human Resources
  • Hiring managers must fill out the system access form 

Getting Started​

Human Resources will start the process for new hires, asking hiring managers to submit the System Access Form to start the account process. Employees will receive their login information at the time of their New Employee Orientation from Human Resources.

New members of the Faculty will receive login information from the Dean's Office.

First Year Students - As part of the process through the Registrars Office, students will receive and email from the ITS Help Desk. It will contain the necessary information to activate their Network account as well as their HC email account. For more information please visit the First Year Student page.

Affiliates - Supervisor or manager may request an account by submitting an System Access Form.