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The Holy Cross Experience

photo of 15 chamber singers students wearing black

Being a Holy Cross student is about so much more than attending classes. For starters, it’s about dreams, challenges, setbacks, breakthroughs and kindred spirits. Find your place in this extraordinary community of thinkers and doers, alongside inspiring peers who seize opportunities to engage with — and ask questions around — topics that really matter.

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At Home at Holy Cross

When you leave your hometown to attend Holy Cross, you’ll quickly discover a new home here on campus, and your circle of lifelong friends will widen. Whether you’re debating philosophy over coffee at Cool Beans or catching a new release at Seelos Theater, our campus thrums with activity and abounds with opportunities to meet new people and try new things — or just to enjoy a laidback evening.

Living and learning alongside friends who become like family, you’ll soon be putting your passions into action — whether it’s spearheading eco-friendly initiatives on campus, serving hot meals to the homeless, or taking up horseback riding. Our more than 100 student groups and organizations offer unlimited ways to make your free time truly memorable.

a large group of students cheering in seelos theater

You're Going to Love it Here

We’re confident that once you come to Holy Cross, you won’t want to leave.

A Community That Asks More

How does Holy Cross forge a one-of-a-kind community? We think it has something to do with our mindset. Here, we value deep exploration over the easy answer. Students ask questions that begin conversations, uncover new perspectives and reveal hidden connections. We regard asking questions as an act of courage and reflection — one that leads from basic knowledge to deep understanding.

This exploratory approach — which embodies our institutional mission, Jesuit tradition and liberal arts philosophy — permeates students’ day-to-day interactions. They challenge one another to develop their individual talents in ways that promote both fulfillment and personal success. The result is a strong and lasting bond to the College and to one another.

a couple of students sitting and talking at cool beans

A Family Atmosphere

“The spirit of Holy Cross is community. People talk about the Holy Cross family, because that’s really what it’s like — joining a family.” — John Milligan ’17