Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services department strives to be a catalyst for excellence through the deployment of well-integrated, strategic, and secure technology solutions, coupled with exceptional service and support.

Digital Modernization Initiatives

Information Technology Services (ITS) will collaborate with teams across campus to accelerate our journey towards Aspire, the College's strategic vision for a hope-filled future. This will be achieved through a comprehensive modernization initiative encompassing the following projects in the upcoming years:


An intranet is a restricted communications network, often used by workplaces to support employee and student engagement and collaboration. Many colleges and universities use intranets to organize the multitude of platforms, events and information shared by and among community members every day. Read more about our intranet project.

  • Needs assessment meetings with campus stakeholders: Completed, Summer 2023.
  • Deep-dive product demonstrations with finalists: Completed, October 2023.
  • Select finalist and initiate implementation: Completed, December 2023. The College has selected Simpplr.
  • Launch targeted for August, 2024.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Procure a feature-rich, well-integrated, modern constituent management system to bolster Advancement operations, College communications, marketing, and constituent support. Read more about our CRM project.

  • Needs assessment meetings with campus stakeholders: Completed, Summer 2023.
  • Issue request for proposals: Completed, September 2023.
  • Deep-dive product demonstrations with finalists: Completed, October 2023.
  • Select finalist and initiate implementation: Completed, November 2023. The College has selected Affinaquest RM, powered by Salesforce.
  • Launch of the new CRM: Targeted, August, 2025.

Infrastructure Modernization

Enhance the campus network with improved wireless infrastructure, better internet connectivity, increased resilient cloud infrastructure usage, and a modern cloud-based telecommunications framework.

  • Upgrade to 802.11ac wireless infrastructure with Wi-Fi 6 support (802.11ax): Completed, Summer 2023.
  • Enhance outdoor coverage for seamless experience: In Progress, FY24.
  • Transition from analog PBX to cloud-based solution (Zoom Phone): Completed, Spring 2023.
  • Introduce a redundant campus internet connection for improved speed and resilience: In Progress, FY24.
  • Shift to a cloud-centric compute environment and standardize on-premise compute infrastructure: In Progress, FY24 & FY25.
  • Develop a modern IT disaster recovery plan reflecting current risks and recovery demands: In Progress, FY24.

Access Modernization

Refine our campus one card access system through tech advancements, integrations, and support for new technologies, like near field communications. This aims to enhance the student experience, support the hybrid workforce, and upgrade operations and security.

  • Modernize our digital access platforms through the implementation of a well-integrated identity management platform, replacing our legacy identity management solution.
  • Introduce a flexible one card solution with NFC support: In Progress, FY24.
  • Pilot NFC door access in select campus areas: Planning to start FY24.
  • Upgrade existing door access tech with NFC-capable readers: Planning to start FY25.
  • Update interior doors with current keyed locks: Planning to start FY26+.

Digital in Auxiliary Offerings

Utilize tech solutions to boost auxiliary revenue, efficiency, and to offer services matching world-class institutional expectations.

  • Enhance dining tech solutions for optimal point-of-sale experiences with innovative payment methods: In Progress, FY24.
  • Launch an e-commerce site for conference services to be competitive in the Worcester market: Planning to start, FY25.

ERP Modernization

Transition to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution to present a contemporary interface, streamline efficiencies through solution consolidation, and embrace best-practice business processes. Read more about our ERP modernization project.

  • Evaluate cloud-based ERP options: In Progress, FY24.
  • Transition Human Capital Management and Financials: Planning to start, TBD.
  • Transition Student Information System: Planning to start, TBD.

Modernize our Web Ecosystem

In collaboration with Marketing and Communications, streamline our web ecosystem, unveil a top-tier website, and craft a powerful internal communication tech stack.

  • Design and launch an external-facing website: In Progress, FY24-FY25.
  • Procure a modern intranet solution to reduce email dependency: In Progress, FY24-25.

Modernize Business Process & Foster Data Culture

Cultivate a data-informed decision-making culture, with strategic data utilization via a contemporary data infrastructure. Simplify processes organization-wide with enhanced data & document management.

  • Standardize on a business intelligence platform: In Progress, FY24.
  • Create dashboards for College leadership: In Progress, FY24.
  • Streamline administrative function processes: In Progress, FY24+.
  • Develop dashboards for operational needs: Planning to start, FY25+.
  • Implement a contemporary document management solution: Planning to start, TBD.

Deploy a Best-In-Class Learning Management System

Transition to a cloud-based learning management system that facilitates student growth, reduces faculty administrative tasks, and ensures accessibility anytime, anywhere: Completed, FY21-23.