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Tuition & Fees

College is an important investment for you and for your future. At Holy Cross, we award need-based financial aid, which includes scholarships and grants, federal student loans, and federal work-study programs. We’re happy to counsel you and your family on maximizing the payment plan, minimizing alternative loans, and taking advantage of need-based aid.

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Fees Fall '20 Spring '21 Total
Tuition 27,025 27,025 54,050
Room 4,260 4,260 8,520
Board 3,520 3,520 7,040
Health Service Fee* 180 180 360
Activity Fee*   180 180
(with Room and Board)
34,985 35,165 70,150
(without Room and Board)
27,205 27,205 54,410
Room Options Fall '20 Spring '21 Total
Standard Room 4,260 4,260 8,520
Standard Room w/Bath 4,710 4,710 9,420
Modified Suite 4,710 4,710 9,420
Full Suite 4,930 4,930 9,860
Single Room w/o Bath 4,930 4,930 9,860
Single Room w/ Bath 5,120 5,120 10,240
Apartment 5,330 5,330 10,660
Meal Plan Options Fall '20 Spring '21 Total
Resident Meal Plan 3,520 3,520 7,040
Apartment Meal Plan ** 1,450 1,450 2,900

* Students with access to campus will pay this fee.
** Available only to those housed in apartments or off-campus students.


Other Fees Full Year First Semester Second Semester
Graduation Fee 150    
Health Insurance 2,488   1,453
  • Visual Arts fees will be billed and payable as incurred.
  • All students studying at a program that is not administered by the College are required to pay a $500 Continuation Fee.
  • The Resident Meal Plan will provide students with the following:
    • Unlimited meals in Kimball Main Dining Room
    • $425 Dining Dollars per semester to be used in all dining locations
    • All resident students are required to purchase a meal plan and will be automatically assigned to the Resident Meal Plan.
  • The Apartment Meal Plan will provide students with the following:
    • $1,450 Dining Dollars per semester to be used in all dining locations
    • Available only to residents of Figge Hall, Williams Hall, or off-campus students who are part of the testing protocol for on campus access
  • Restrictions on Meal Plans:
    • Dining dollars can be used in Crossroads, Cool Beans, Lobby Shop, Kimball Food Court, CB2 and the D'Agostino Cafe.
    • They are also accepted at Kimball Main Dining Room
    • Apartment residents may opt for the $1,450 Apartment meal plan.
    • Off-campus students can select any meal plan, if they are part of the testing protocol for on campus access
    • All Dining Dollars and Meal Plans expire at the end of the semester.
    • All meal plans and Dining Dollars expire at the end of the semester.


Updated: Jan . 13, 2021


What is Need-Based Aid?

Holy Cross meets 100 percent of demonstrated need, as calculated according to nationally recognized financial aid criteria. In order to create a truly diversified community, we are committed to bridging the gap between the cost of a Holy Cross education and what you can afford to pay. More than half of Holy Cross students receive some form of need-based financial assistance.

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