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Tuition & Fees

College is an important investment for you and for your future. At Holy Cross, we award need-based financial aid, which includes scholarships and grants, federal student loans, and federal work-study programs. We’re happy to counsel you and your family on maximizing the payment plan, minimizing alternative loans, and taking advantage of need-based aid.

Academic Year 2019- 2020

Fees Fall '19 Spring '20 Total
Tuition 27,025 27,025 54,050
Room 4,125 4,125 8,250
Board 3,410 3,410 6,820
Health Service Fee 175 175 350
Activity Fee 340   340
(with Room and Board)
35,075 34,735 69,810
(without Room and Board)
27,540 27,200 54,740
Room Options Fall '19 Spring '20 Total
Standard Room 4,125 4,125 8,250
Standard Room w/Bath 4,565 4,565 9,130
Modified Suite 4,565 4,565 9,130
Full Suite 4,775 4,775 9,550
Single Room w/o Bath 4,775 4,775 9,550
Single Room w/ Bath 4,955 4,955 9,910
Apartment 5,160 5,160 10,320
Meal Plan Options Fall '19 Spring '20 Total
Resident Meal Plan 3,410 3,410 6,820
Apartment Meal Plan * 1,400 1,400 2,800

* Available only to those housed in apartments or off-campus students.


Other Fees Full Year First Semester Second Semester
Graduation Fee 150    
Health Insurance 2,100   1,227
  • Visual Arts fees will be billed and payable as incurred.
  • All students studying at a program that is not administered by the College are required to pay a $500 Continuation Fee.
  • The Resident Meal Plan will provide students with the following:
    • Unlimited meals in Kimball Main Dining Room
    • 8 meal swipes per week at Lower Kimball Food Court
    • 5 guest meals per semester at Kimball Main Dining Room
    • $425 Dining Dollars per semester to be used in all dining locations
    • All resident students are required to purchase a meal plan and will be automatically assigned to the Resident Meal Plan.
  • The Apartment Meal Plan will provide students with the following:
    • 50 meal swipes per semester at Kimball Main Dining Room
    • $975 Dining Dollars per semester to be used in all dining locations
    • Available only to residents of Figge Hall, Williams Hall, or off-campus students
  • Restrictions on Meal Plans:
    • Dining dollars can be used in Kimball Main Dining Room, Crossroads, Cool Beans, Lobby Shop, Kimball Food Court, CB2 and the D'Agostino Cafe.
    • Apartment residents may opt for the $1,400 Apartment meal plan.
    • Off campus students can select either meal plan.
    • All Dining Dollars and Meal Plans expire at the end of the semester.
    • Laboratory fees will be billed and payable as incurred. 


Updated:  February 20, 2019


What is Need-Based Aid?

Holy Cross meets 100 percent of demonstrated need, as calculated according to nationally recognized financial aid criteria. In order to create a truly diversified community, we are committed to bridging the gap between the cost of a Holy Cross education and what you can afford to pay. More than half of Holy Cross students receive some form of need-based financial assistance.

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