Student Opportunities

At Holy Cross, students nurture their talents and engage with a wide range of creative pursuits, learning to take risks and express their inner voice along the way. These opportunities are essential to arts majors and to our entire community. Across our campus, students of all backgrounds and aspirations find ways to develop their creativity through curricular and extracurricular opportunities.


Holy Cross is home to a rigorous-yet-supportive artistic community that provides our students with excellent training and preparation for a career in the arts — but all Holy Cross students are welcome to avail themselves of the myriad artistic opportunities on campus. Many of the greatest thinkers, inventors, creators and discoverers of every discipline have been those who devise new approaches and novel solutions for our most pressing challenges. This type of innovation relies on creativity and imagination — and one of the best ways to grow those abilities is to engage in artistic activities that open new avenues of expression. By taking advantage of our extensive arts programs, students exercise their minds and develop as intuitive and gifted problem solvers.

Academic Programs
Balinese Gamelan Music and Theatre Participants play on a handcrafted Gamelan Gong Kebyar orchestra built especially for Holy Cross in Bali, Indonesia. Internationally renowned musicians and dancers from Bali teach music and dance classes; students must register for classes in order to participate.
Brooks Jazz Combo Music Welcomes students who have a strong interest in jazz, who then work with Holy Cross faculty and some of the region’s most talented jazz musicians.
Chamber Music Music Soloists, duets, trios, quartets, and more, coached by artists-in-residence and music faculty, have multiple performance opportunities each semester.
Chamber Orchestra Music Performs masterpieces by great composers in Brooks Concert Hall; highly gifted students have the opportunity to perform as soloists with the ensemble.
Chamber Singers Music A select choral ensemble of 16 singers who display the highest level of musical excellence.
Chapel Choir Music An ensemble of instrumentalists and singers who perform a diverse repertoire of liturgical music at Mass on campus.
College Choir Music Offers students the opportunity to learn the art of choral singing through repertoire, vocal production and musicianship.
H-CLEF Music Welcomes all students interested in combining computer coding with live laptop performance and interactive video.
Holy Cross Bands Music With one concert band, two athletic bands (marching and pep), and instrument exploratory programs, Holy Cross Bands provide numerous opportunities for all students, regardless of skill level, to participate in ensembles and perform in concert and athletic venues.
Jazz Ensemble Music Enables talented jazz musicians to perform at standing-room only events on campus, and to collaborate with internationally renowned visiting artists from organizations that include the Boston Pops Jazz Quartet.
Schola Cantorum Music Welcomes experienced vocalists who can sing Gregorian chants, eight-part motets and pieces from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods.
Theatre Department Productions Theatre Open to all students who audition, these productions are directed and designed by Holy Cross faculty and provide the highest quality work and training for all involved.


Student Organizations
Alternate College Theatre Theatre Led by students under faculty supervision; offers the opportunity to star in a show, work on a stage crew, manage publicity or get involved with any other aspect of theatrical production.
Ballroom Dance Dance Competitive dance organization open to all students; also offers lessons to the Holy Cross community.
Creative Writing Club Composition An eclectic community of writers and lovers of the written word; meets weekly to share and discuss original works in an encouraging and supportive environment.
Dance Ensemble Dance Offers dancers a chance to learn and practice through student-taught workshops that include jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, contemporary and performance.
Delilahs Music All-female a cappella group; performs for the Holy Cross community regularly and offers annual Christmas and spring concerts.
Fools on the Hill Music Holy Cross' only co-ed a cappella group; performs short programs every Thursday and larger concerts throughout the year.
Fusion Hip-Hop Dance Team Dance A hip-hop dance group that combines influences from all styles of dance; welcomes all dancers and non-dancers to participate.
KPop Dance Crew Performing Arts  Unites students who share similar interests in k-pop dance and educates other Holy Cross students about K-pop culture.
Latinidad Identidad Performing Arts  A dance team that hopes to spread Latinx awareness through dance and art on and off campus. 
Off the Record Music All-female a cappella group; teaches students to arrange and perform songs while forming bonds with other Holy Cross females who are passionate about music.
Purple Patcher Composition The official Holy Cross yearbook; creates a historical record of the school year, provides a sense of pride among students and staff, and serves as a community awareness and public relations tool.
Rhythm Nation Steppaz Dance The only step team on campus; hosts tryouts yearly for male and female students interested in performing at various campus-related events and offering workshops for other students.
Sons of Pitches Music All-male a cappella group; enables members to develop their musicality and participate in a performance environment that welcomes members of varying skill and experience levels.
Student Art Society Art Strives to increase access to and enjoyment of student art on the Holy Cross campus through fundraising events, monthly exhibitions of student artwork and weekly meetings that foster new relationships.
The Spire Composition The official Holy Cross newspaper; publishes dynamic articles that represent the student voice on Mount St. James.
The Fenwick Review Composition The College’s independent journal of opinion; strives to promote intellectual freedom and takes pride in defending traditional Catholic principles and conservative ideas.
WCHC 88.1 FM Radio Broadcasts 24/7 on the air and via the Web, with student and faculty DJs occupying airtime every day throughout the school year.
WCHC Sports Radio Broadcasts a wide variety of Holy Cross athletic games over the radio and serves as the primary source of live streaming video for national networks like CBS College Sports.