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Our Arts Community

A music theory enthusiast becomes a prominent tech entrepreneur. A student of English uses his mastery of words to compose acclaimed song lyrics. A theatre major goes on to become an Emmy-winning television producer. Art cuts across all disciplines, and at Holy Cross, we find ways to infuse artistic pursuits into the very fabric of our academic lives.


Intriguing, Integrated, Indispensable

The arts are an indispensable facet of a Jesuit, liberal arts education. Through visual arts, music, creative writing and theatre, students hone their talents while creatively expressing their deepest thoughts and emotions. The arts also call us to consider the nature of beauty, how perception influences belief and the underlying themes that connect us as human beings.

Promoting and expanding the arts is a high institutional priority for the College, as we seek the best ways to educate the creative, moral and informed leaders of tomorrow. One of the clearest examples of this effort is Arts Transcending Borders, a dynamic, interdisciplinary initiative that seeks to further integrate the arts with traditional academics.

Ann Dowd '76
Arts Alumni Success

Many Holy Cross graduates go on to successful artistic careers. Our alumni include an Academy Award-winning documentarian, an Emmy winner (Ann Dowd '78, pictured), a Pulitzer Prize winner, a poet laureate and a Tony Award-winning director.