Standard Software List

The following software is installed on our base image. This applies to computers for Faculty, Staff and lab computers. Versions may vary as updates are applied. 

Macintosh Computers

macOS 10.14.3 Mojave

* Adobe Flash Player
* AESCrypt
* Fetch 
* Google Chrome for Enterprise
* Jamf Agent
* IBM BigFix patch management
* SentinelOne 
* Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac
* Mozilla Firefox ESR
* Safari
* Samanage Agent
* Sassafras
*Spirion Agent
* VLC Player

Windows Computers

Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit

*Adobe Flash Player
*Adobe Reader
*AES Crypt 
*Windows BitLocker (encryption)
*Google Chrome for Enterprise
*Internet Explorer (Edge)
*IBM BigFix patch management
*Microsoft MDOP MBAM Agent
*Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
*Microsoft System Center 2012 - Software Center
*Mozilla Firefox ESR (Enterprise)
*Samanage Agent
*Sassafras K2 Client
*Spirion Agent
*VLC media player


Same software as above, plus:

*PaloVPN Agent