Zoom And Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone

Many of your questions can be answered by attending a Zoom Phone training session (details on those will be released soon), or by visiting Zoom’s excellent Phone Guide Website.

When instructions ask you to log into the Zoom Web Portal, go here: https://holycross.zoom.us/ and sign-in using your College credentials.

Download the User Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Training Sessions

Training for Zoom Phone will be offered and conducted by Zoom & Holy Cross employees.  Register for one of our training sessions.


Same extension you had before.

We are encouraging all users to move away from the physical handset, and use the Zoom client like you do for Zoom meetings. Handsets are limited, and expensive, and in most use-cases, not necessary. The Zoom phone client also has a much more robust suite of features than your handset has. As a result, keeping your handset requires you to opt-in. If you must keep a handset, you may make an opt-in request using this Zoom Phone Handset Opt-In Form.

Yes on the computer.  On your phone it will ring through

Details on voicemail configuration can be found on the Zoom Phone Guide. 

NO!  Once on Zoom Phone, you no longer dial 9 before placing a call.  Dial either the 4 digit extension for an inside call, or the 10 digit outside number (ex. 1-508-555-1234)

 This is temporary. You will not see the extension of an internal caller if you have migrated, and they have not yet migrated to Zoom phone, and vice-versa. Once everyone has migrated (end of fiscal year 2023), this problem will no longer exist.

 It will remain as an attachment in your email.

 Yes. You will continue to receive a copy of your voicemail messages in your email as a .WAV attachment. The system also includes a speech-to-text translation of the message. You can also listen to your voicemail messages via the computer or mobile app.

You can change your phone settings through the Zoom portal; if you log in via https://holycross.zoom.us  and select Phone on the left side, you will be able to change a whole host of Zoom Phone settings, including call handling. Instructions specific to call handling are here.

If you open up the settings on your zoom app and go to Audio you can select the checkbox "Use separate audio device to play ringtone simultaneously" which will give you a drop down to select the computer speakers as another output when receiving a call.

Available For

Faculty, Staff and Students


Enterprise video communications for video and audio conferencing with chat. Available on many platforms and devices. Including integration with Google Calendar.

Key Features

  • Login using HC Gmail authentication
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Video recording
  • Break out rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Raise hand feature
  • Polling


  • Active HC Email account
  • Internet enabled device

Getting Started

Zoom Training Video