Licensed Software

Software licenses are purchased and installed through ITS.

Available To

Faculty, Staff


Centralized process allowing for discounts and volume pricing.

Key Features

  • Campus wide license agreements are purchased for broad instructional or business needs. Such as the Microsoft Campus Agreement for Office and Windows.
  • Requests for software are evaluated to determine if there are existing licenses.
  • Faculty can request software be installed in labs or classrooms before the semester starts.
  • Software upgrades
  • Most college owned software is installed in labs as well as a terminal server which is available to students, faculty and staff members.


Getting Started

  • Request for software should be submitted using the Samange IT Service Desk system, using the form Software Purchase Request located in the Service Catalog.
  • Faculty requesting software for the fall semester should submit their request by June 1st of each year.  Software needed by the second semester should be requested by December 15th. Requests received after the deadlines will be considered on a case-by-case basis.