Computer Upgrade Program

Holy Cross owned computers that are on the replacement schedule, Desktops are on a 5 year replacement cycle and laptops are on a 4 year replacement cycle.

Available To

Faculty, staff, labs, classrooms


  • Provides new hardware technologies.
  • Notifications are sent to the Chair or Department head each spring listing which computers in their department are up for replacement.
  • Computers for new academic positions are coordinated with the department chair at the time of hire.

Key Features

  • Provides predictable refresh of college equipment to minimize disruption.
  • Faculty may request to defer their upgrade to the next fiscal year.
  • Each employee with an instructional or business need is issued a single computer, either a laptop or desktop, based on justified need.
  • Computers are procured based on standard hardware configurations to ensure needs are met, hardware and software are compatible, and purchasing is cost effective.
  • Computers are replaced in a systematic process defined in the Computer Upgrade Program.
  • Problems with computers are supported and repaired through the ITS Help Desk.


  • All hardware must be returned to ITS at the time of the scheduled upgrade appointment.
  • Faculty and staff will not be able to purchase their equipment at the end of the hardware cycle.

Getting Started

  • For more information on current hardware, visit the Standard Hardware Configuration list.
  • For more information on current software, visit the Standard Software List
  • Information about current assets may be verified by contacting the IT Asset Management Specialist, Jen Gilmore.