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Outcomes After Holy Cross

students at graduation

Holy Cross students leave our halls prepared to think critically and creatively, synthesize knowledge across disciplines, communicate effectively, and act with respect to cultural and global contexts. In almost every industry you can think of, our alumni serve as leaders of their field, tackling complex challenges with skill and alacrity.

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Because they possess critical skills that serve them well in every line of work, students of the liberal arts are increasingly sought-after in the job market. When you leave Holy Cross, you’ll be poised for success in virtually any field and prepared to make a positive impact on the world.

on PayScale’s list of best value liberal arts colleges in the country


Fenwick Hall
  • No. 7 on PayScale's list of best religious schools by salary potential
  • No. 10 on PayScale's list of best colleges in Massachusetts by salary potential 
  • No. 16 on PayScale's list of best schools for humanities majors by salary potential
  • No. 18 on PayScale's list of best liberal arts colleges by salary potential

If you’re a Holy Cross student, chances are your talents lie in more than one area. Our liberal arts foundation helps you develop every aspect of who you are, positioning you for success on campus and with whatever comes next. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to chart a course toward a career that’s right for you, whether that means the sciences or law, business or the nonprofit sector, or a combination of various fields.

Among our graduates are the nation’s leading AIDS researcher (Anthony Fauci '62, pictured), a Supreme Court justice, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, the producer of “Law  & Order,” a former director of speechwriting for President Barack Obama, and NBA Hall of Famers.