Support and Resources

At Holy Cross, everyone looks out and cares for everyone else — including the faculty and staff members who provide personal support and guidance to our students. We invest in students’ happiness and success by connecting them to faculty advisors who provide one-on-one academic advice, dedicated deans associated with each class year and other essential resources.

Support From Day One

At Holy Cross, your advisor isn’t someone you talk to for a few minutes once a year; they are part of a dedicated support system focused on your success. As a small undergraduate-only institution, we have the capacity and commitment to give every student the personal attention needed to excel.

Academic Advisors

Advising at Holy Cross is a personal process that reflects each student’s intellectual journey. Our advisors are all members of our faculty who take on the role of mentor and sounding board, working with students to discuss the broad range of academic and career options available.

Class Deans

The class dean system is one of the most singular characteristics of academic life at Holy Cross. A dedicated dean remains with each incoming class from matriculation through graduation. They remain a constant during the student’s four years, and play a crucial role in monitoring and helping to advance individual students’ progress.

Awards, Honors and Fellowships

Fulbrights, Goldwaters, Rhodes and more. Earning these prestigious awards opens the door to new and exciting opportunities — and Holy Cross students have an outstanding track record in doing so. Learn how to become the next success story.

Orientations & Information for Incoming Students

We offer personal attention even before you arrive on campus. Learn about the multiple ways you can get involved on campus, starting with our orientation programs that introduce you and your family to life on The Hill.

Office of the Provost and Dean of the College

The Office of the Provost and Dean of the College is responsible for all matters related to our faculty, curriculum and academic affairs.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office maintains and communicates all academic policies and procedures including enrollment, registration, transcript requests, classroom management and the monitoring of student progress toward degree completion.


Our seven libraries give you access to just about every book, text or resource you’ll ever need and our professional librarians will help you find the exact one you’re looking for. On top of that, they’re experts when it comes to facilitating research, so they can guide you in choosing a topic, locating background resources and composing a thesis.

Audio-Visual Services

Audio-Visual Services staff members provide equipment, training and support for the campus community’s needs — from presentations for student groups to video production for a thesis project.

Academic Services and Learning Resources

Through vital programs such as peer tutoring and academic planning, the Academic Services office helps Holy Cross students make the most of opportunities at the College and beyond.

College Catalog

Check the online catalog for official information about admissions, degree requirements, courses, fees and regulations.

Academic Calendar

Learn about academic deadlines, final exam periods and collegewide holidays and vacation days.

Center for Career Development

From clarifying career objectives and fine-tuning résumés to securing leading internships, staff members at the Center help make your transition to the professional world smooth and simple.

Center for Writing

Writing is more than a skill or craft to be mastered. It is the way we dialogue with each other, investigate the unknown, and reflect on our development as both students and instructors.