Campus Life

Breakthrough research, entertaining activities, spirited athletics: Our campus crackles with excitement. Add in a profound sense of community, and you have a place you can enthusiastically call home.

There’s plenty of time at Holy Cross for laughing as well as learning. While you’ll benefit forever from the hard work you do here, the joyous moments you experience are a big part of what you’ll remember.
Our comfortable residence halls are conducive to making friends and building relationships, and more than 90 percent of our students take advantage by living on campus.
Our students never have to worry about what’s for dinner: Our nine campus eateries provide a huge range of dining options for all tastes.
Our students are committed to using their talents to empower others — whether it’s teaching computer skills to newly arrived immigrants, rebuilding homes on the Gulf Coast, or mentoring young people at the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester.
Want to test your vocal chops in an a cappella group? We have five. Would you like to cover breaking news for a college publication? We have three of those, too. In fact, we have clubs and organizations for just about every interest.
Asking more often involves exploring questions related to truth, meaning and one’s place in the universe. Whatever their religious or spiritual backgrounds, many students engage with these questions and explore their faith during their time at Holy Cross.
The well-being of students comes first at Holy Cross — including the need for a safe and secure environment. Just as in their classes, Holy Cross students are in good hands when it comes to health support services.
Our athletic teams are a big deal on campus, and our entire community comes together to cheer them on. That said, with dozens of intramural sports and wellness options like yoga and ballroom dance, there a thousand ways to stay happy and healthy at Holy Cross.
Our home on The Hill is a safe and comfortable place to spend four years you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
Nurturing a diverse and inclusive community where everyone feels equally at home is a fundamental part of teaching, learning and working at Holy Cross.
We regard respect and concern for the environment as an essential dimension of leadership. That’s why Holy Cross is on track to become carbon neutral by 2040.
As the second largest city in New England, our home of Worcester is an active and vibrant community replete with arts, restaurant and entertainment options. We also offer transportation options that make it easy to explore farther afield.
Some of our traditions are steeped in religion and reflection. Others give us a chance to celebrate our accomplishments. A few are just plain fun. Check out some of the traditions that bring our community together.
Learn more about what it means to be a member of our community from those who know it best — our current students, faculty and alumni.
At Holy Cross, we strive to act in ways that benefit others and increase the equality of all. We are deeply committed to maintaining a community of students, staff, and faculty members that respects women and men at the highest level, and that treats both equally and fairly.