Research & Scholarship

From compiling oral histories through local or global fieldwork, to investigating the antiviral properties of proteins, to digitizing ancient manuscripts, our students pursue research that connects coursework with hands-on experiences in the laboratory and in the field. Working closely with expert faculty members, they learn the latest research techniques, challenge themselves to confront complex problems, publish academic papers and present their findings at national conferences, and ultimately gain a greater understanding of the breadth of our world.


Question Everything

Holy Cross’ strong emphasis on inquiry, research and discovery encourages students to ask difficult questions and address persistent human challenges with insight and tenacity. Students are guided in their explorations by exceptionally dedicated faculty members who encourage students to pursue their interests through participation in dynamic research.

Unbounded Possibilities

Opportunities for research in every discipline are available to students both in the summer and during the academic year. While at larger institutions it is not always possible for undergraduates to work directly with faculty members, at Holy Cross students and faculty collaborate to devise noteworthy research projects and explore challenging topics in our labs, libraries, studios and communities. Along the way, they learn to translate intellectual curiosity and passion into concrete research questions, and hone important skills by working with state-of-the-art lab instruments and leading-edge research methods.

Faculty Scholarship

The College sponsors and promotes an impressively broad range of world-class faculty research.

professor in a classroom with students
Digital and Emerging Scholarship

Digital scholarship opportunities for students and faculty foster a creative and collaborative learning experience within the world of new technologies.

Build a Hope-Filled Future
Build a Hope-Filled Future

We aspire to nothing less than the betterment of our world.

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