Estimating Your College Cost (Calculators)

Holy Cross may be more affordable than you think. Estimate your share of college costs and how much financial aid you may be eligible to receive.

Estimating your Eligibility 

We offer two different calculators to help you and your family make more informed decisions about college costs. These tools provide a need-based Holy Cross financial aid estimate to students who are US citizens or permanent residents. Any merit-based scholarships available to students who qualify, are not identified by these calculators.

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MyinTuition Quick Cost Estimator

Using six basic financial aid questions, this tool is designed to provide you and your family with:

  1. an estimate of your need-based financial aid eligibility
  2. an estimate of your family’s expected contribution

It is recommended that students and families start with this easy-to use calculator.

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Net Price Calculator 
Using more comprehensive and detailed questions that simulate the CSS Profile application, this tool is designed to provide you and your family with:
  1. a more precise estimate of your need-based financial aid eligibility
  2. an estimate of the net price for a full-time, first year student attending the College of the Holy Cross.    

We use a standard process to carefully review each family’s financial circumstances and establish an expected contribution; this takes into consideration the number of dependents enrolled in college, as well as income and other assets. The level of financial assistance in future years will be impacted by income and asset fluctuations as well as changes in the number of dependent family members enrolled as undergraduate students in a college or university.

Median Scholarship/Grant Offer for Accepted Students in the Class of 2026*

Annual Income Range % Offered Grant or Scholarship Median Grant/Scholarship Offer Range
$1 – 50,000 100% $70,200 – 76,800
$50,000 – 75,000 100% $59,500 – 70,200
$75,000 – 100,000 98% $53,600 – 62,500
$100,000 – 125,000 97% $50,300 – 60,200
$125,000 – 150,000 96% $42,200 – 53,300
$150,000 – 175,000 96% $36,300 – 49,000
$175,000 – 200,000 90% $15,000 – 44,300
$200,000 – 250,000 90% $12,500 – 31,500
$250,000+ 27% $10,000 – 20,000


*With reasonable assets for their income. 
*Award ranges may be higher with multiple dependents enrolled as an undergraduate in a college or university.
*Must submit a complete financial aid application by the priority filing deadline.


Our Financial Aid team is dedicated to helping you receive the financial support you need to make a Holy Cross education a reality. Feel free to contact our office to speak one-on-one with a member of our staff to learn more about what you can expect and what to do next.