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Clubs & Organizations

Whether you’re looking to lead, write, reflect, sing, or advocate for others, you’ve come to the right place. With a spectrum of more than 100 clubs and organizations, there are unlimited ways to develop personally and professionally — while also having the time of your life.

Dance More. Play More. Build More. Connect More.

Do you want to learn a new dance style? Develop your professional skills? Host a radio show? Advocate for those in need? We have recognized student organizations for all these activities and much, much more. Along the way, you’ll not only learn new skills and sharpen the ones you have — you’ll also expand your comfort zone, build your confidence, and discover new friends.

Recognized Student Organizations

Academic Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Provides Holy Cross students with opportunities to get involved in, and better understand, the field of medicine. Email
Manuscripts, Inscriptions, and Documents Club Furthers the study of paleography, codicology, epigraphy, as well as the study of languages; strives for undergraduate inclusion in research. Email
Mediation Association Students can participate in International Academy of Dispute Resolution academic tournaments and attend bimonthly meetings that invite guest lecturers to discuss team performance and matters pertaining to dispute resolution and oral advocacy. Email
Mock Trial Participate in American Mock Trial Association academic tournaments and host regular meetings to invite guest lecturers to discuss team performance, and matters pertaining to dispute resolution and oral advocacy. Email
Moot Court Participate in the American Collegiate Moot Court (ACMC) Competition hosted by the College of the Holy Cross. Also attend bimonthly meetings that invite guest lecturers to discuss team performance, and matters pertaining to dispute resolution and oral advocacy. Email
Physicians Assistants Club The Physician Assistant (PA) club aims to educate students interested in a PA career as well as assist students with preparing for the application process. We also want to help students with networking opportunities for shadowing or volunteering in order to better understand the profession and what it entails. We will also guide students on undergraduate class requirements and useful study techniques for the GRE. Our goal is to help any interested student build their resumes in preparation for a career as a Physician Assistant. Email
Pre-Nurse Practitioner Club Offers students interested in a nurse practitioner track an opportunity in which to find and provide support, information, service and learning opportunities, camaraderie and friendship.  Email
Student Art Society Strives to increase access to and enjoyment of student art on the Holy Cross campus through fundraising events, monthly exhibitions of student artwork and weekly meetings that foster new relationships. Email
Women in Economics We recognize and encourage women in the field of economics and create solidarity and conversation among female economics majors at the College. Email


Campus Service Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Campus Activities Board (CAB) Focuses on planning, programming and providing activities for the entire student body; run by students for students. Email
Class of 2022 Elected members of the Class of 2022 serve as an extension of the Student Government Association and are responsible for class events and fundraising. Email
Class of 2023 Elected members of the Class of 2023 serve as an extension of the Student Government Association and are responsible for class events and fundraising. Email
Class of 2024 Elected members of the Class of 2024 serve as an extension of the Student Government Association and are responsible for class events and fundraising. Email
Class of 2025 Elected members of the Class of 2025 serve as an extension of the Student Government Association and are responsible for class events and fundraising. Email
Purple Key Society
Fosters school spirit, loyalty and enthusiasm for the activities and goals of the College. Email
Student Government Association (SGA) Composed of elected student representatives; maintains and improves student facilities, programming initiatives, events, services and enhancements to the overall community. Email
Student Government Association Senate The chief representative body in the Student Government Association; serves to advocate for student interests within the executive branch of SGA and the administration of the College. Email

Club Sports

Club Name Description Club Email
Ballroom Dance Offers ballroom dance lessons to the entire college community. Email
Club Baseball The Club Baseball season begins in the fall semester as they are a member of the New England Club Baseball Association. Tryouts typically begin during the first week of classes and practices are held regularly three times a week with games on the weekend. In the spring, the team remains active competing in the American Club Baseball Association. Email
Club Gymnastics The club has members who have been doing gymnastics all their lives and those who are just starting out. Club Gymnastics fosters a fun environment in which it's easy to make friends and learn from each other. Email
Club Swim Team Focuses on recreation and fitness for swimmers of all abilities who seek a less competitive outlet. Email
Club Tennis Gives students the opportunity to play tennis in a fun yet competitive atmosphere; organizes scrimmages and tournaments with other New England club teams. Email
Equestrian Welcomes students of all riding abilities and backgrounds who are looking to share their love of horses and to improve their riding. Email
Gaming and Esports Club Calling all gaming enthusiasts! The purpose of this organization is to bring a community of gamers together through recreational and competitive gaming. Email
Golf Club Allows students of all abilities to share and practice their passion for the game of golf with others on campus. Email
Holy Cross Figure Skating Club Open to all current students; creates opportunities for skaters to compete at the local, regional and national levels within all disciplines of figure skating. Email
Holy Cross Ski Team A competitive alpine ski team; welcomes all those who love to ski, although prior slalom or giant slalom experience is encouraged. Email
Indoor Rock Climbing Club This club is a means for students to meet and climb with others who are interested in indoor rock climbing. The goal is to advance the sport of indoor rock climbing in a fun and relaxed environment. All skill levels are welcome, and more experienced members are encouraged to help develop skills for those wishing to learn. Students can climb for fun, as a means of staying in shape, or in preparation for climbing competitions.  Email
Men's Club Basketball Club Basketball presents an opportunity for Holy Cross students to compete on the basketball court at a high level. The team is assembled in the fall and will hold weekly practices and games. Email
Men’s Club Hockey Provides an opportunity to play competitive intercollegiate hockey at a non-varsity level. Email
Men’s Club Soccer Provides an opportunity to play competitive intercollegiate soccer at a non-varsity level. Email
Men’s Rugby Provides an opportunity for veteran high school rugby players and new participants to play competitive intercollegiate rugby. Email
Men’s Volleyball Provides an opportunity to play volleyball in fun yet competitive atmosphere. Email
Outdoors Club Facilitates outdoor activities for students and plans off-campus outings for members of the Holy Cross Community. Email
Running Club Provides a welcoming environment where students can run together and have the option of competitive running.  Email
Ultimate Frisbee Offers the chance to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee among a tight-knit group of student-athletes who love to play hard and have fun on and off the field. Email
Women’s Club Basketball Provides an opportunity for women to meet up twice a week and focus on gaining basketball skills while competing against other college teams. Email
Women’s Club Field Hockey A member of the National Field Hockey League; competes with other colleges in the area in both the fall and spring seasons. Email
Women’s Club Hockey Provides an opportunity to play competitive intercollegiate hockey at a non-varsity level. Email
Women’s Club Lacrosse Provides an opportunity to play competitive intercollegiate lacrosse at a non-varsity level. Email
Women’s Club Soccer Provides an opportunity to play competitive intercollegiate soccer at a non-varsity level. Email
Women’s Club Volleyball  The Women's Club Volleyball team is a member of the Northeast Women's Club Volleyball League. The club practices regularly twice a week and travels across the Northeast competing in tournaments year-round.  Email
Women’s Rugby Club Provides an opportunity to play competitive intercollegiate rugby, practice throughout the year and learn more about the sport. Email

Media Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Purple Patcher The official Holy Cross yearbook; creates a historical record of the school year, provides a sense of pride among students and staff, and serves as a community awareness and public relations tool. Email
The Spire The official Holy Cross newspaper; publishes dynamic articles that represent the student voice on Mount Saint James. Email
The Fenwick Review The College’s independent journal of opinion; strives to promote intellectual freedom and takes pride in defending traditional Catholic principles and conservative ideas. Email
WCHC 88.1 FM Broadcasts 24/7 on the air and via the Web, with student and faculty DJs occupy airtime during the school year between 8 a.m. and 2 a.m. every day. Email
WCHC Sports

Broadcasts a wide variety of Holy Cross athletic games over the radio and serves as the primary source of live streaming video for CBS College Sports, Crusader Vision, and the B2 Networks.



Multicultural Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Advocating Student Interest in Asia (ASIA) Aims to promote an open atmosphere through activities that engage and immerse members in Asian culture. Email
Black Student Union
Multicultural group dedicated to promoting black student presence and pride on campus. Email
Caribbean African Student Assembly (CASA) Shares African and Caribbean Culture with the Holy Cross community, and through special events and performances, brings the culture to life. Email
Developing and Educating South-Asian Ideologies (DESI) Enhances, reinforces, and strengthens the development of South-Asian culture and social awareness; serves as a support system to students of South-Asian descent. Email
Latin American Student Organization
Serves as the support system for those students who consider themselves Latino or Latina and educates the entire Holy Cross community about the diverse and complex cultures that constitute the Latino people. Email
Pinoys of Worcester It is our mission to promote an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Philippine culture. We also hope to support and raise awareness for the issues surrounding global poverty, education, and environmental degradation of the Philippines.  Email
Pride Formerly ABiGaLe/Allies; raises awareness of issues related to LGBTQIA+ students, furthering acceptance and providing support for Holy Cross students of all sexual orientations. Email
Feminist Forum Sponsors events, lectures, and discussions designed to make women and men more aware of women’s issues, and to foster a free expression of ideas and a greater understanding between the sexes. Email

Peer Education Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Counseling Outreach Peer Educators
Helps facilitate a strong connection between the Counseling Center and Holy Cross students through outreach programs designed to increase student awareness of mental health issues and reduce the stigma associated with seeking help. Email
Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring (DREAM) Helps create a welcoming, stigma-free campus community that promotes disability pride so that all students have an opportunity to flourish and embrace their differences. Made up of students with disabilities and allies. Email
Multicultural Peer Educators (MPE) Specially trained Holy Cross student volunteers who assist in programming, work with staff and residence assistants, and informally engage other students on topics of diversity. Email
Relationship Peer Educators (RPE) Educates students about and encourages them to examine important issues around intimate relationships, sexual responsibility, the differences and similarities among men and women, the development of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and the factors surrounding, influences on and prevention of sexual assault. N/A
Student Health Awareness Peer Educators (SHAPE)

Promote responsible decisions regarding personal and community health by developing health programs and outreach. Students in SHAPE are dedicated to educating the student body about a variety of health issues and public health concerns, encourage health promotion behaviors, and guide individuals to wellness and disease prevention. 

Students for Responsible Choices (SRC) Educates students about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; dedicated to providing information that will facilitate informed individual decision making and promote low-risk choices relating to the use of substances. Email

Performing Arts Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Alternate College Theatre
The only fully student-run theater group on campus; offers the opportunity to star in a show, work on a stage crew, manage publicity, or get involved with any other aspect of theatrical production. Email
Dance Ensemble Offers dancers a chance to learn and practice at Holy Cross through student-taught workshops that include jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and performance. Email
Delilahs All-female a cappella group; performs for the Holy Cross community regularly and offers annual Christmas and spring concerts. Email
Fools on the Hill Holy Cross’ only co-ed a cappella group; performs short programs every Thursday and larger concerts throughout the year. Email
Fusion Hip-Hop Dance Team
A hip-hop dance group that combines influences from all styles of dance; welcomes all dancers and non-dancers to participate.
Kxplosion Dance Crew Unites students who share similar interests in k-pop dance and educates other Holy Cross students about K-pop culture. Email
Latinidad Identidad A dance team that hopes to spread Latinx awareness through dance and art on and off campus.  Email
Off the Record  All-female a cappella group; teaches students to arrange and perform songs while forming bonds with other Holy Cross females who are passionate about music. Email
Rhythm Nation Steppaz The only step team on campus; hosts tryouts yearly for male and female students interested in performing at various campus-related events and offering workshops for other students. Email
Sons of Pitches All-male a cappella group; enables members to develop their musicality and participate in a performance environment that welcomes members of varying skill and experience levels. Email

Philanthropic Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Action for Education Students identify communities in which an inadequate or non-existent education system exists and through fundraising and program development, bring these communities to an acceptable standard of education. The club works closely with the national scholarship program, working to raise funds to provide scholarships for financially disadvantaged families to send their children to school. Email

Autism Awareness 

Disseminates information about autism and gets students involved in events at Holy Cross and on a national level through the organization Autism Speaks. Email
Cures for Kids Provides a voice for children suffering from cancer by raising funds for treatment and research, providing Holy Cross students with volunteer opportunities, and increasing awareness about pediatric cancers on campus. Email
Habitat for Humanity Works in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity International and helps to advance their mission to eliminate poverty housing and combat homelessness by providing adequate housing for those in need. Email
Holy Cross Dance Marathon An annual event that brings hundreds of students together to raise money to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Email
Holy Cross for a Cure Student-run group devoted to fundraising for, spreading awareness of, and supporting those who have been affected by breast cancer. Email
Spring Break Immersion Program A week-long alternative Spring Break; provides an opportunity for service, reflection and immersion through team building and shared experiences around the United States. Email
Student Programs for Urban Development Promotes social justice through service in solidarity with the greater Worcester community, fostering the strengths and talents of all. Email

Religious Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Active Bible Study Presents to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. Email
Pax Christi Strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating and bearing witness to the call of Christian nonviolence. Email
Society of Saints Peter and Paul The purpose of the organization will be to provide a community for students who seek to grow in their love of Jesus Christ and to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith. This task will be accomplished primarily through weekly general meetings, called Theology by the Slice. Email

Special Interest Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
Alexander Hamilton Society Alexander Hamilton Society is the only foreign policy-based club on campus. As part of a national organization, the club hosts events that bring speakers to campus, including top government officials and scholars who discuss foreign policy and national security issues. Email
American Sign Language Club  Provides students with a fun environment to learn about sign language and Deaf culture; offers study help and a place to practice for those taking the language course.  Email
Best Buddies Matches students with Buddies in the Worcester community, creating relationships and giving back to our neighbors. Email
College Democrats Works both on and off campus to create educational forums and to promote Democratic principles. Email
College Republicans Seeks to cultivate, discuss, and promote the ideas of the Republican Party. Email
Creative Writing Club  An eclectic community of writers and lovers of the written word; meets weekly to share and discuss original works in an encouraging and supportive environment.  Email
Eco-Action Grows campus consciousness of our relationship to the environment by organizing education, service, and action opportunities in our community. Email
Fellowship of St. Francis Fosters a global mindfulness about the importance of animal rights and animal welfare through involvement in our community by volunteering at animal shelters as well as spreading awareness through fundraising and advocacy. Email
HCF1rst Scholars
The organization hopes to serve as a resource for first-generation and/or low income college students, to educate the community at large about these aspects of society, to promote inclusion between all economic groups, and finally, to help perpetuate "a community marked by freedom, mutual respect, and civility", as stated in the Holy Cross Mission Statement.
HC Unified Sports Unified Sports provides opportunities for Holy Cross students to connect with members of the local community with special needs. The group meets on Sunday afternoons to play basketball and soccer, building strong connections and friendships among all participants. Email
MEPA (Movimiento Estudiantil Progressive Action) Holy Cross chapter of the national Movimiento Estudiantil Progressive Action; seeks to promote Chicano unity and empowerment through political action. Email
Male Involvement Coalition To unite, educate, and empower students of any gender, race, sexual orientation, and religion to achieve one major focus: the betterment of the individual, and in time, the improvement of the culture that exists at Holy Cross. To be, if not the only one, one of the few groups on campus that serves as first, a safe zone where students of any background can have difficult conversations around issues of social justice and inequality, and second, an outlet for students who seek to diversify their network intellectually amongst peers of all class years and academic plans of study.  Email
Peace of Mind Seeks to promote self-awareness and practices of self-care among the Holy Cross student body through expressive workshops, yoga, and thought-provoking public statements/demonstrations. Email
Science Ambassadors Ambassadors promote the sciences both on campus and off campus by hosting events at Holy Cross and local schools. Email
Students For Life Inspires dialogues regarding polarizing topics on campus, including the issue of abortion — the most pressing threat to life — as well as euthanasia and capital punishment. Email

Other Student Organizations

Business Organizations

Club Name Description Club Email
The Agency Educates students interested in public relations, advertising, and marketing, including their similarities and differences; members meet alumni who work in the industry through workshops, speakers and networking events. Email
College Street Journal College Street Journal (CSJ) is a business, finance, and economics newspaper.  Content includes a variety of current events and relevant news on and off-campus, internship/job opportunities and events, professor editorials, community profiles, and more. Email
Consult Your Community Through semester-long, skills-based consulting projects, we mobilize each other to leverage our education, digital fluency, mentorship networks, and knowledge as customers to empower small business owners and drive change in our local community. Open to any major and class year. Email
The Finance Club Focuses on Wall Street career prep, financial markets, institutions, trends and current events; members network with alumni in the field. Email
HC Launch HC Launch, the student-run incubator, fosters the development of entrepreneurial skills and ventures in the Holy Cross community. The incubator takes a holistic approach to support individuals through skills training, mentorship, funding opportunities, and in-kind resources. Students can pursue two paths: 1) receive support developing a business from concept to launch and growth or 2) join an extended team that will help current venture ideas. The incubator has an application process for both business ideas and for associate positions on the management team. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Email
HC Equity Research Club (HCREC) Members gain technical skills, experience and knowledge in the fields of asset valuation, equity research, and portfolio management. Email
HC Sales Group Explores the sales and management industries of business, including leadership attributes that breed success; members network with alumni in the industry. Email
The Real Estate Club Explores residential, commercial, and development real estate, and current market trends; members network with alumni in the field. Email
Venture Hill

Our mission is to foster and accelerate the growth of student entrepreneurs and aspiring venture capitalists through education, mentorship, and access to capital.

Women in Business Club The annual Holy Cross Women in Business Conference has expanded to create a year-round network. Students are invited to honor, inspire and connect with alumnae and peers. Join this new student club to become business savvy, explore industries, and gain the confidence to succeed. Email