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Faith and Service at Holy Cross

In the Jesuit tradition, Holy Cross views every facet of students’ growth as interconnected and complementary. Students of all faith traditions are welcomed to Holy Cross and encouraged to think deeply about what they learn here, align that knowledge with their personal beliefs and translate their understanding into meaningful action on campus and in the world.

An Open Invitation

A robust, lasting and personally fulfilling faith has to be one to which we freely commit ourselves. This is the underlying rationale of St. Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises, which form the basis of Jesuit spirituality. In the Jesuit tradition, the service of faith means working with people of all backgrounds and beliefs to become more open toward God and more willing to live according to the guidance of the Gospel — not to make people think or behave in a way that is unreflective or imposed.

At their most basic level, the teachings of Jesus can be described as “love of God and love of neighbor.” At Holy Cross, “love of God and love of neighbor” find expression in a multitude of ways — from service initiatives and spiritual retreats to research projects designed to benefit society — that open students to new perspectives and inspire them to live more intentionally. All members of the Holy Cross community are invited to ask more about the roles faith and spiritual exploration play in their lives. 

Intertwined and Inextricable

Our Jesuit Identity plays an integral role in our approach to education. Our mission calls us to work together, to be sensitive to one another and to serve others, both on campus and in the world.

The happiness and success of our entire community flows from this communal commitment to respect for others, which leads us to lift up our neighbors along with ourselves. Holy Cross offers a number of opportunities to serve, engage, and grow in solidarity with others. Our students answer this calling with grace and determination.