The Holy Cross Approach

Academic excellence. Critical thinking. The pursuit of wonder and a commitment to hope. Casting a wide net in search of knowledge and deepening your understanding in a multitude of disciplines. These ideas are the bedrock of our approach to education. Here, you'll learn not only how to think deeply, but also how to live a life of courage and compassion.

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Explore Your Potential From Day One

In our first-year program, Montserrat, you’ll embark on a personal journey to discover who you are — and who you aspire to be. 

The Seminar

In your first year, you’ll enroll in a year-long seminar and develop your skills in critical thinking, writing, effective communication and other foundational areas.

The Cluster

Montserrat seminars are organized within six clusters, each with an overarching theme, such as Ecologies of Hope or The Quest for Meaning in a Disconnected World. Throughout the year, you’ll come together across seminars for enriching experiences, such as visiting a museum, hiking a mountain or attending a poetry reading at a dorm coffeehouse.

The Residence Hall

Within each cluster, you’ll learn and grow alongside your peers, living in the same residence hall, immersed in the spirit of community and intellectual exchange that Montserrat inspires and Holy Cross values.

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Grow a Powerful, Global Point of View

A Jesuit, liberal arts education calls for educating the whole person: intellectual, spiritual and personal. By focusing on how each piece you pursue fits together to create a finished idea, we lay the foundation for a well-rounded knowledge base that unlocks your potential for great works of art, scientific breakthroughs and new schools of thought.

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Get Out of the Classroom and Into Your Field

Learning at Holy Cross is designed to promote a radical sense of curiosity and wonder — which is why we find opportunities to connect your coursework to real-world, hands-on experiences. To further achieve these goals, the College has recently established the J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World to help students identify and pursue opportunities outside of the classroom, and to better articulate the value of these experiences as part of their Holy Cross education.

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A Home for Limitless Learning

Holy Cross is dedicated to fostering a spirit of enthusiastic discovery. You’ll dig deep to master challenging topics and subjects, pursuing knowledge and truth with gusto.

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Find More Than a Mentor — Enjoy a Collection of Partners in Your Educational Journey

We make sure you always have somewhere to turn for an answer, some feedback or just a listening ear. 

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Maximize Your Educational Experience

Vocare is an initiative that brings together programming and collaborators from across campus, ensuring that you get the most out of your Holy Cross education.

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