Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity

The Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity responds to complaints of sexual misconduct, discrimination and discriminatory harassment and facilitates access to resources for individuals involved. In addition, in collaboration with campus partners, the office provides training and educational programming on these issues to the Holy Cross community.

Holy Cross is a community of trust based in the Jesuit tradition whose existence depends on strict adherence to standards of conduct set by its members. Sexual misconduct, in all forms, violates the sanctity of the human body and spirit and will not be tolerated within the College community. The College is committed to providing an environment of well-being, learning, and accountability for its members by preventing the occurrence of sexual misconduct and addressing its effects. 

The College also prohibits discrimination or harassment motivated by an individual’s actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, age, marital or parental status (including pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions), veteran status, sex, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other legally protected status.

Get Help in a Crisis: Confidential Support and Medical Services

Community members may wish to access medical services (such as STI testing or forensic medical examinations) or discuss their experience in a confidential setting while weighing their rights and options. 

Reporting Options: Title IX and Criminal (Police)

Individuals considering filing a complaint of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, discrimination, harassment or retaliation have multiple options, including working with the Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity, Holy Cross Department of Public Safety and/or Worcester Police.

Supportive Measures

As appropriate, the College provides adjustments to academic, living, transportation or other components of the campus experience in order to better provide an environment of safety and support. 

Training, Education and Prevention

The College provides comprehensive prevention education and programming through a variety of innovative initiatives and evidence-based practices that both educate and raise awareness of the complexities of sexual violence. Learn about current initiatives or request a training session.

Laws and Published Reports

There are a number of laws and regulations that govern the work being undertaken by the Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity. The office has also created some important campuswide policies and contributes to the creation of annual reports.

Sexual & Relationship Violence Resources

There are many resources available to campus community members who need assistance in matters regarding sexual misconduct. In an emergency, please dial 911 or 508-793-2222 (ext. 2222 from any campus phone).