Configure Android Devices

The following steps are for Android devicesandroid settings screen shot

  1. Open Settings | Network & internet | Wi-Fi
  2. Choose HCWireless CA certificate: Use system certificates
  3. Domain:
  4. Identify: [enter your network username] example: pjsmit22
  5. Password: [your network passphrase] (same login as STAR)
  6. Note: EAP method should show PEAP, Anonymous identity is left blank, Phase 2 authentication is None.
  7. Press Connect

NOTE: Some android devices like the Galaxy phone, may not show that option. Instead select Do not Validate or Unspecified.

Important: When you change your network passphrase, you will need to use Forget to remove this connection. Add the connection back using the above steps with your newly created passphrase. 



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