Worksite Wellness

In partnership with Human Resources, the Worksite Wellness Program helps College employees achieve and maintain optimum health — in mind, body, spirit, and community. 

worksite wellness staff
Holy Cross Recognized for Worksite Health Program

For the second year in a row, Holy Cross was named a 2019 WorkWell Massachusetts Award Silver Level Winner for exemplary worksite health promotion. The award recognizes the College’s achievements developing, implementing and participating in corporate health improvement and wellness programs.

What can Worksite Wellness do for you?

  • Design a personalized exercise program or identify and reach your well-being goals via one on one wellness sessions
  • Provide training on the proper use of the strength and exercise equipment in The Jo and Loyola Fitness Center
  • Improve your well-being by participating in exercise classes or a monthly wellness challenge
  • Feel more centered, manage stress and anxiety, and improve your outlook on life through daily 10 minute virtual meditation sessions
  • Quit tobacco through our on-site one-on-one tobacco cessation coaching
  • Schedule a mindfulness meditation session, stretching, or stress reduction program for a department, or a specialty class for an event or meeting
  • Experience peace and relaxation at a full day yoga and meditation retreat at the Joyce Contemplative Center 
  • Change your relationship with food or anxiety through one-on-one sessions on the Eat Right Now mindful eating or Unwinding Anxiety stress reduction programs
  • Meet colleagues from across campus and foster a sense of community by getting involved in wellness programming

Most wellness programs are free of charge.