Worksite Wellness

In partnership with Human Resources, the Worksite Wellness Program helps College employees achieve and maintain optimum health — in mind, body, spirit, and community. 

What can Worksite Wellness do for you?

  • Design a personalized exercise program or identify and reach your well-being goals via one on one wellness sessions
  • Provide training on the proper use of the strength and exercise equipment in The Jo and Loyola Fitness Center
  • Improve your well-being by participating in exercise classes or a monthly wellness challenge
  • Feel more centered, manage stress and anxiety, and improve your outlook on life through daily 10 minute virtual meditation sessions
  • Quit tobacco through our on-site one-on-one tobacco cessation coaching
  • Schedule a mindfulness meditation session, stretching, or stress reduction program for a department, or a specialty class for an event or meeting
  • Experience peace and relaxation at a full day yoga and meditation retreat at the Joyce Contemplative Center 
  • Change your relationship with food or anxiety through one-on-one sessions on the Eat Right Now mindful eating or Unwinding Anxiety stress reduction programs
  • Meet colleagues from across campus and foster a sense of community by getting involved in wellness programming

Most wellness programs are free of charge.