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Worksite Wellness

In parternship with Human Resources, the Worksite Wellness Program helps College employees achieve and maintain optimum health — in mind, body, spirit, and community. 

What can Worksite Wellness do for you?

  • Conduct fitness assessments and body composition analyses
  • Design a personalized exercise program
  • Train you how to properly use the weights and exercise equipment in the Field House
  • Show you how to earn $200 or $400 using your It Fits! Benefit
  • Get you moving by attending group exercise classes 
  • Help you quit smoking through our onsite one on one smoking cessation program, Quit to Win
  • Schedule a fitness or stress reduction program for your department, or a specialty class for an event or meeting
  • Manage chronic conditions with the help of a Disease Management Health Educator
  • Change your relationship with food or anxiety by joining the onsite Eat Right Now mindful eating or Unwinding Anxiety stress reduction programs