Work Life Balance Initiatives

Holy Cross recognizes the importance of work life balance and strives to continually add to their benefits, policies, or programs to help create a better balance between the demands of work and the healthy enjoyment of life outside of work.

Consider a Meeting Free Day

Holy Cross is committed to promoting work-life balance. See below for more information about the benefits of a day with limited meetings and more focus time. 

Positive Impacts of a Meeting Free Day: Studies have shown that providing employees with a minimum of one meeting-free day per week will add to productivity and work life balance by: 

  • increasing communication, engagement, and productivity; 
  • decreasing stress; and 
  • supporting a positive work-life balance 

Individuals have the flexibility to determine if a half-day or full-day free of meetings works best for their roles. Refer to the resources below to learn more about best practices for implementing a meeting free day.