Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management Development Programs

Holy Cross GOAL Program (Growth, Ownership, and Allyship for Leaders): This three-day program for Individual Contributors will focus on personal growth through self-reflection, how to take ownership for leadership particularly through change, and how to build relationships across difference.

Holy Cross LINK Program (Leadership: Introspection, Networking, and Knowledge): This program is for middle managers looking to develop their leadership competencies through connections across Holy Cross.  This nine session program focuses on Holy Cross’s Core Competencies: Collaboration, Employee Development, Inclusion, Innovation, Mission/Service Orientation, Responsibility, and Team Management.

Holy Cross LIFT Coaching Program (Leadership: Influence, Focus, and Transformation): In a small cohort peer group, experienced leaders will learn and hone leadership skills.  Over eight months, the cohort will meet with an expert coach monthly or bi-monthly to explore ways to reflect on one’s personal leadership style, to increase one’s influence in relation to our professional community, and to utilize transformational leadership strategies that empower others to action.

Management Development Series: To enable the development of managers at Holy Cross in our supervisory competencies, Employee Development and Team Management, we are offering a three session management development series.