New Hire Onboarding Partner Program

Our New Hire Onboarding Partner Program pairs new hourly and administrative staff with an employee, who volunteers as a partner to help acclimate the new hire to the College. This partnership builds cross-departmental connections and an opportunity to learn about our community early in one's career. Building relationships is key to retention and fostering a committed, motivated, productive workforce.  The program enhances the collaborative, inclusive culture of our institution, a benefit to all.

The Employee who volunteers to be an onboarding partner will:

  • Have been employed at the College for a minimum of 1 year;
  • Be a dedicated performer with strong interpersonal skills; and
  • Be willing to engage the new employee in social activities, such as lunches and coffee breaks (funded by the College).
  • Contact the new employee within their first few weeks of being electronically introduced, to schedule a time to connect. You are encouraged to meet over coffee or lunch, when feasible.
  • Meet in person or virtually with the new employee a few times at minimum, during their first year.
  • Help the new employee establish a sense of community. 
  • Be an informational resource for the new employee to ask questions about policies, procedures, and work culture. Introduce them to colleagues and identify places for lunch and key areas on campus like the Jo, Luth and Library.  

Enjoy and happy connecting.