Performance Management

Performance Management at Holy Cross

Holy Cross is committed to the growth and development of each staff member, and places high value on the performance evaluation conversation and process in order to support our employees. Supervisors are responsible for supporting the growth and development of their employees. Throughout this process, supervisors and employees will be asked to collaborate with one another to establish goals for an employee’s own personal development that relates directly to the larger department, division, or College-wide goals. Employees will also be asked to reflect upon the goals set during the previous performance evaluation so progress toward those goals can be assessed.

This year’s annual review begins Monday, March 14, 2022 and should be completed by Monday, May 16, 2022. The period of performance to be reviewed is from February 2021 through March 2022. The performance review should be a developmental exercise. Holy Cross managers are expected to help employees perform their best work and find satisfaction, reward, and purpose in their jobs. The performance evaluation process is a critical tool to accomplish this.

For the 2022 review period, there will be two standardized forms utilized across all divisions, one for non-exempt and one for exempt employees. In addition to the two performance review forms, a universal self-reflection form will also be provided and it is required for all employees to complete. Managers will submit the employee’s self-reflection and employee’s performance review to Human Resources via this form.

2022 Performance Development Training:

2022 Performance Development Forms and Guidelines: 

The above Performance Evaluation Guide provides additional information regarding this year’s process.  Please direct questions about this process to