Affinity Groups

Holy Cross employees bring their diverse identities, talents, and perspectives to our community. We proudly support and value faculty and staff affinity groups; they create important community and foster inclusivity on our campus.

Learn more about our current affinity groups: 

We encourage employees to start new affinity groups. These can be based on identity groups, hobbies, or interests. To do so:

  1. Write a mission statement

  2. Create an organizational structure

  3. Submit a budget proposal, including how funds will meet the criteria below

    1. Seed money will be awarded to affinity groups that use the funds to:

      1. Promote diversity, equity and inclusion

      2. Create campuswide dialogue

      3. Increase visibility for diversity-related topics

      4. Foster community building

    2. Budget proposals should be submitted yearly, prior to the start of each fiscal year, with a short explanation of the use of proposed funds

Submit the above to or to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Smith 221 / Box 12A.