Finding a Job On Campus

Students should review the job listings page and apply on the posting directly.

Please note, all first years must work in Dining Services.


The academic year employment period begins August 30, 2022 and ends May 17, 2023.

Students may work no more than a total of 20 hours per week across all jobs held at the College during the academic year. This rule does not apply when classes are not in session (i.e., winter break, summer, etc.); during these periods, a student may work up to 40 hours per week. If a department is interested in having a student employee work more hours while classes are not in session, the department must confirm with the Financial Aid Office and Budget Office that the appropriate funding is available in advance of hiring.

Student employees are paid weekly, every Friday. Paychecks reflect the previous payroll week's hours worked, beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday and ending at midnight on Saturday. Student employees will not be paid for lunch, sick days, holidays, or as the result of any emergency closing if the student does not work during the closing.

The College requires student employees to complete a direct deposit form in HR Self-Service. Once direct deposit forms are completed, there is up to a 15-day waiting period before direct deposit becomes effective. In the period before direct deposit is effective, checks for student employees are mailed to the student’s on-campus PO box during the academic year. Student employees are responsible for paychecks that have been issued to them. Lost or missing checks should be immediately reported to the payroll department so that a stop payment form may be sent to the bank. Please contact the Payroll Coordinator at if this situation arises.

Employees may not be scheduled for, or work six (6) consecutive hours without a half-hour unpaid meal period. Employees must be completely relieved of all work responsibilities during the meal period. If an employee agrees to work through a meal period, the employee must be paid for that time worked.

Please view our New Hires page for more information regarding the onboarding process.

Federal Work-Study is a work program for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, funded by the federal government and the College. Students must file the FAFSA and meet federal eligibility requirements to be considered for Federal Work Study. Federal Work Study does not necessarily guarantee a position as a student must apply for and obtain a position. You must reapply for financial aid each year to be considered for federal work study. For further information, see:

Acceptance of Federal Work-Study or other College employment carries all the responsibilities and commitments as in any other employment situation. Student employees are expected to be dependable and dressed appropriately, to be considerate and respectful of their employer, co-workers and others, to perform tasks to the best of their ability and to comply with applicable College policies and laws.

Departments expect their student employees to work their scheduled shifts, and to report on-time and ready to work. If a student employee is sick or unable to work their scheduled hours for any reason they must inform their supervisor as soon as possible. Absenteeism and/or tardiness may result in disciplinary action. Dining Services has additional rules regarding standards of attendance and excused absences. For more information regarding policies specific to dining, please refer to the Dining Attendance policy

An involuntary termination can be initiated by a supervisor due to unsatisfactory performance or failure or an inability to comply with College or department policies or rules. Acts of serious misconduct will not be tolerated and may result in immediate discipline up to and including an immediate release from employment