Learning and Engagement

Winter 2023/24 Training & Development Brochure

We want to help you find satisfaction, reward, and purpose in your role at Holy Cross and in your life beyond our campus. That’s why we offer an array of training programs and resources to support all aspects of your development and wellbeing.

Click here to view our Winter 2023/24 offerings and registration links.

LinkedIn Learning is here!

LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online training, with a digital library of over 16,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics. Accessible 24/7 from your desktop or mobile device, visit LinkedIn Learning by logging in via this link: https://lnkd.in/e8-B_CAQ

You may watch an entire course, or individual videos –some are as short as four or five minutes. You will be able to bookmark courses that suit your interests, keep track of the courses you have taken, and when you complete a course, you’ll receive a certificate. You have the opportunity to refine or develop your professional skills, learn new software, and explore other areas as you plan for your career growth. Here is a possible course to get you started: How to Use LinkedIn Learning Course.

All of our programs are designed to provide opportunities for employees, managers, and leaders to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities in relation to our College’s core competencies:

Collaboration: Exchanging information, ideas, and thoughts with others in a manner that is proactive and enhances partnerships

Inclusion: Actively engaging with the values of the College by promoting a work environment that embraces diversity and demonstrating respect for the opinions and beliefs of others

Innovation: Performing one’s job with creativity and proactivity, improving procedures and problem-solving

Mission/Service Orientation: Focusing on service to others and contributing to the College’s collective mission

Responsibility: Taking ownership of one’s actions and accountability for one’s tasks and duties

Supervisory Competencies

Employee Development: Committing to and investing in your employees, to enable professional growth in their roles

Team Management: Overseeing the success of your employees, helping to allocate resources appropriately and support the accomplishment of common goals