Be Inclusive Program

BE INCLUSIVE - Reflecting the College’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Building Anti-Racist Skills Through Mindful Listening

Tuesday 1/17 & 1/24: 10 am – 12 pm
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This two-part course will teach participants to use the skills of mindful listening as a foundation for more productive conversations around race and social justice. Mindful listening is different from other communication skills. It is not the “banter” of casual conversation. The goal of mindful listening is to make sure there is space for every person expressing themselves to feel heard. The goal is NOT to condone or validate every viewpoint—the goal is to build conversations that are deeper; more heartfelt; more impactful; and potentially, more mind-changing. The presenters will demonstrate how “everyday” listening differs from mindful listening, so that participants understand how and when mindful listening should be chosen as the right conversational tool. The presenters will guide the participants through different scenarios, related to conversations around race and social justice. These exercises will be done both in a large group and small group setting. Through practice, participants will gain confidence in using the mode of mindful listening to formulate responses that promote trust; drive a conversation forward; and finally, allow the listener to express their own viewpoints in a meaningful way.

The Heroine’s Journey

This interactive, online, research-based workshop helps junior and mid-career women recognize and overcome common limiting beliefs. Through cutting edge ideas, personal stories, exercises, tools and techniques, we teach women to triumph over challenges so that they can thrive authentically and powerfully at work.

Tuesday, February 14 12pm ─ 2pm

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Meeting ID: 975 1560 8572