Be Inclusive Program

BE INCLUSIVE - Reflecting the College’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Inclusive Hiring - Training for Managers

A Collaboration between the JEBI and HR Offices

Workplace diversity and inclusion is a key priority for Holy Cross. Hiring managers need to be able to locate, hire, and onboard diverse candidates in order to succeed. This course is a guide to promote diversity and inclusion throughout all the stages of the hiring process, from sourcing to interviewing to selection. This workshop will focus on reducing bias in the recruitment process, creating diverse search committees, and adopting best practices when it comes to candidate screening, interviews, and evaluations. 

Skills for Having More Inclusive Conversations 

Kim McCullen, Workforce Development Specialist 

This workshop will strengthen inclusion and collaboration competencies and help you be better equipped to engage in conversations that foster equity, empathy, and belonging in the workplace. We will focus on recognizing the importance of sharing space and power in conversations, acknowledging different lived experiences and building trust among colleagues and/or teams.

Workplace Allyship and Agility

Sarah Staley, Director of Workforce Development & Talent

Are you actively promoting a culture of allyship? This session will explore how leaders can promote allyship and agility to create a more equitable and inclusive experience for members of teams and those hoping to join them. Using LinkedIn content to learn the fundamentals of group dynamics and how they function in the workplace; explore practical strategies to change your behaviors, with tips on building self-awareness, developing empathy, listening for impact, and staying attuned.