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Betting on Sports

The Ethics and Economics of Legalized Sports Gambling

Date of Event: November 7, 2018

About the Speakers:

Victor MathesonVictor Matheson, professor of economics at Holy Cross, studies sports economics, lotteries and gaming, environmental and energy economics, and forensic economics. His publications include "The Economics of Sports, 6th edition," with Peter von Allmen and Mike Leeds. He is co-editor of the Journal of Sports Economics and has written over 80 journal articles and book chapters. In addition, he worked as a soccer referee for 30 years and has officiated matches in Major League Soccer as well as over 400 Division 1 college games.

Richard McGowan, SJRev. Richard McGowan, S.J., has been an associate professor of economics at Boston College and recently became treasurer of the Jesuits' Maryland Province. He has published six books that focus on vices including gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. Three of these books focused on the gambling industry with the latest entitled “The Gambling Debate” published in 2007. He has served on the boards of the Massachusetts' Compulsive Gambling Council and the National Center for Responsible Gambling, and has been a consultant to numerous lottery and gaming commissions.

About the Discussion: In 2018 a Supreme Court decision opened the doors for states to legalize sports gambling. Matheson and Fr. McGowan provide historical and global contexts for sports gambling and consider how the rule change could affect sports at the professional and collegiate level and whom it puts at risk for problem gambling and addiction. Thomas M. Landy, director of the McFarland Center, moderates.

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