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Holy Cross International Jesuit Scholars Program

Past Fellows

Rev. Peter Dubovsky, S.J.
Professor of the Old Testament exegesis at Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
Teaching "Cultures of the Bible" at Holy Cross
Spring 2020

Rev. Lawrence Fernandes, S.J.
Teaches philosophy at the Jesuit Philosophate at Satya Nilayam and Loyola College, Chennai
Teaching "Religions of India"
Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Rev. Leszek Gęsiak, S.J.
Teaches in media and multicultural studies at the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow
Teaching "Values of European Union" at Holy Cross
Fall 2018

Rev. Janez Percic, S.J.
Teaches at Munich School of Philosophy, visiting researcher at Boston College
Teaching on philosophy
Fall 2017

Rev. George Karuvelil, S.J.
Professor of philosophy at Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune
Teaching theology
Spring 2017

Rev. Thomas Kuriacose, S.J.
Teaches systematic theology at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (formerly known as Papal Athaneum), Pune
Teaching on South Asian Theology
Spring 2016

Rev. Luc Bonaventure Ayité Amoussou, S.J.
Founder and coordinator of Rays of Hope in Benin
Teaching on the intersection of politics and religion
Spring 2015 

Rev. Stephen Buckland, S.J.
Former Provincial Superior in Zimbabwe
Teaching on "God, ‘gods’ and African Religion"
Fall 2014

Rev. Heinrich Watzka, S.J.
Professor of Philosophy, Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt am Main
Research focused on embodiment from a dualistic perspective; and teaching a philosophy course on "Selves and Their Bodies"
Fall 2014

Rev. James Corkery, S.J.
Professor, Faculty of Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University
Research in theological anthropology; and teaching a seminar course in theology
Fall 2013

Rev. A. Maria Arul Raja, S.J.
Director of Studies in the Theologate, Vidyajyoti College's Arul Kadal Centre, Chennai
Teaching a Religious Studies course on "Theologies of the Oppressed"
Fall 2012

Rev. George Pattery, S.J.
Provincial of South Asia
Teaching a course on "Gandhi and Religion"
Fall 2011

Rev. Francis Britto, S.J.
Professor at Sophia University Tokyo
Teaching and researching sociolinguistics
Fall 2011

Rev. Lloyd Baugh, S.J.
Theologian, Gregorian University and the Upper Canadian Province
Teaching and researching on theology in film
Spring 2011

Rev. Friedhelm Mennekes, S.J.
Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Theology and Sociology of Religion, Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt
Teaching a seminar in the Visual Arts Department on "New Art in Sacred Spaces"
Fall 2009

Rev. Lloyd Baugh, S.J.
Theologian, Gregorian University and the Upper Canadian Province
Spring 2009

Rev. M.K. George, S.J.
Regional Assistant for South Asia, Jesuit Curia, Rome
Teaching courses on Comparative Sociology of Education in India and U.S., and on Urbanization in the Developing World; Researching on comparison of family dynamics in US and India.
Fall 2008 and Spring 2009

Rev. Paolo Gamberini, S.J.
Theologian, Pontifical Theological Faculty "San Luigi," Naples
Teaching a course titled "Mystical dimension of religions: a way of encounter between East and West" and researching on Christology in a postmodern and inter-religious context.
Fall 2008

Rev. Mario Farrugia, S.J.
Theologian, Gregorian University, Rome, and the Malta Province
Teaching a course titled "Catholicism: A Living Tradition in Word and Image " and researching on the church's teaching office and on how theology is expressed in Western art.
Spring 2008

Rev. James Moran, S.J.*
Psychologist, Trinity College, Dublin
Teaching a course titled "Systemic Thinking and Problem Solving," and working on a book on classroom and administrative interventions.
Fall 2007

Rev. Oliver Rafferty, S.J.
Historian from the British Province, recently assigned to Guyana
Teaching and researching Irish History, and editing a new book titled Catholic Perspectives in Nineteenth Century Ireland.
Fall 2006 and Spring 2007

Rev. James Corkery, S.J.
Professor, Faculty of Theology, Pontifical Gregorian UniversityTeaching and preparing a book manuscript on the social dimensions of grace
Spring and Fall 2006

Rev. Lawrence Daka, S.J.
Arrupe College, Harare
Researching and Teaching African Philosophy
Fall 2006

Rev. Jacques Monet, S.J.
Historian, Director, Canadian Institute of Jesuit Sources
Researching and Teaching Jesuit History
Spring 2006

Rev. Budi Susanto, S.J.
Anthropologist, University of Sanata Dharma
Researching and Teaching Anthropology
Fall 2005

Rev. Christopher Willcock, S.J.
Liturgical Music Composer
United Faculty of Theology, Melbourne, Australia
Composed a new work, "Behold the Wood of the Cross"
Spring 2003

Rev. Paulus Wiryono Priyotamtama, S.J.
Former Rector of East Timor University in Dili, East Timor
Rector of Soegijapranata Catholic University in Semarang, Central Java; and Provincial of Jesuits in Indonesia
Studied Environmental Ethics
Fall 2002 & Fall 2003

Rev. Frans Susilo, S.J.
Lecturer, Mathematics, and Director of Libraries, University of Santa Dharma, Indonesia
Studied Library Information Systems
Fall 2001

Rev. Edward John Yarnold, S.J.*
Research Lecturer, Oxford University
Researched and taught Historical and Ecumenical Theology
Fall 2001

Rev. Justin Sudarminta, S.J.
Philosopher, University of Sanata Dharma, Indonesia
Prepared a book for publication in Indonesia
Fall 2000

* deceased