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Pilgrims and Their Reflections

Read the personal accounts and reflections of pilgrims:

Past Pilgrims

Isabel Alvarez Borland, Spanish*
Susan Amatangelo, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Italian
Nancy Andrews, Classics
Tim Austin, VPAA and Dean*
Cristina Ballantine, Mathematics and Computer Science
Faisal Baluch, Political Science
Renee Beard, Sociology and Anthropology
Rob Baumann, Economics
Michael Beatty, Visual Arts
Robert Bellin, Biology
Pat Bizzell, English*
Andrea Borghini, Philosophy*
Melissa Boyle, Economics
Don Brand, Political Science
Laurie Britt-Smith, Center for Writing
Danuta Bukatko, Psychology
Rosemary Carbine, Religious Studies*
Loren Cass, Political Science
William Campbell, S.J., Vice President for Mission*
Thomas Cecil, Mathematics and Computer Science*
Stephenie Chaudoir, Psychology
Predrag Cicovacki, Philosophy
William Clark, S.J., Religious Studies
Christine Coch, English
Mary Conley, History
Danilo Contreras, Political Science*
Paul Covino, Chaplain*
Gregory DiGirolamo, Psychology
Matthew T. Eggemeier, Religious Studies
Geoffrey Findlay, Biology
Ericka Fisher, Education
Zack Fitzsimmons, Mathematics & Computer Science
Alison Fleming, Visual Arts*
Lisa Fluet, English*
Megan Fox-Kelly, Chaplain
Sharon Frechette, Math and Computer Science
Margaret Freije, Mathematics, Dean of the College and Provost
Dan Frost, Spanish
Andrew Futterman, Psychology, Health Professions Advisor*
Francisco Gago-Jover, Spanish
Matthew Gamber, Visual Arts
Kristine Goodwin, Student Affairs*
Thomas Gottschang, Economics
Karen Guth, Religious Studies
Judy Hannum, Director of Planning and Budget*
Paul Harman, S.J., Special Assistant to the President*
James Hayes, S.J., Chaplain
Jamie Herrick, Laboratory and Studio Safety*
Richard Herrick, Chemistry*
Kendy Hess, Philosophy
Cynthia Hooper, History
Kurt Hultgren, Theatre
David Hummon, Sociology and Anthropology*
Amber Hupp, Chemistry
Paul Irish, Student Affairs
André Isaacs, Chemistry
Ronald Jarret, Chemistry
Patricia Johnston, Visual Arts
David Karmon, Visual Arts
Robert Keane, S.J., Mission Office*
Marybeth Kearns-Barrett, Chaplain
Martin Kelly, Chaplain
Denis Kennedy, Political Science
Greta Kenney, Office of Diversity and Inclusion*
Katherine Kiel, Economics
Dan Kim, College Marketing & Communications*
Laurie Smith King, Mathematics and Computer Science
Nadine Knight, English
Matthew Koss, Physics
Lynn Kremer, Theatre
Alice Laffey, Religious Studies*
Tom Landy, McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture
Mary Lee Ledbetter, Biology*
Jerry Lembcke, Sociology and Anthropology*
Ann Marie Leshkowich, Sociology and Anthropology
Benny Tat-siong Liew, Religious Studies
Neil Lipsitz, Associate Dean for Student Development
John Little, Mathematics and Computer Science
Min Kyung Lee, Visual Arts*
Todd Lewis, Religious Studies
Alison Bryant Ludden, Psychology
Sarah Luria, English
Gregory Lynch, S.J., Chaplain*
Earle Markey, S.J., Admissions
Victor Matheson, Economics
Rich Matlak, English/CISS*
Shawn Maurer, English
Ann McDermott, Admissions
Kim McElaney, Director of College Chaplains*
Theresa McBride, History*
Michael C. McFarland, SJ., President*
Paul Melley, Chaplain*
Gwenn Miller, History
Mable Millner, Asst. Dean and Director of Multicultural Education*
Jim Miracky, S.J., English and Associate Dean*
Sara Mitchell, Biology
Jennie Germann Molz, Sociology and Anthropology
Suzanne D. Morrissey, Editor, Holy Cross Magazine*
Jonathan Mulrooney, English
Munyaradzi Munochiveyi, History
Amy Murphy, Center for Career Development
Blaise Nagy, Classics*
Debra O'Connor, Economics
Edward O'Donnell, History
Jean Ouedraogo, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - French
Olga Partan, World Languages, Literatures, and Culture - Russian
Ellen Perry, Classics
Michael Perry, VP Development and Alumni*
Jackie Peterson, VP Student Affairs*
Leila Philip, English
Justin Poché, History
Margaret A. Post, Community-based Learning*
Virginia Raguin, Visual Arts*
Juan Ramos, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Spanish
Jeff Reno, Political Science*
Paige Reynolds, English
Cristi Rinklin, Visual Arts
Susan Rodgers, Sociology and Anthropology*
Constance Royden, Mathematics and Computer Science
Ellen Ryder, Director of Public Affairs*
John Savard, S.J., Chaplain*
Mark Savolis, Archives*
Denise Schaeffer, Political Science, Montserrat
Thibaut Schilt, World Languages, Literature, and Cultures - French
Sylvia Schmitz-Burgard, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - German
Stephen Shapiro, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - French*
Paul Sheff, V.P. for Advancement*
Janine Shertzer, Physics
May Sim, Philosophy
Elizabeth Small, General Counsel
Sarah Stanbury, English
William Stempsey, S.J., Philosophy
Cynthia Stone, Spanish
Sue Crawford Sullivan, Sociology and Anthropology
Victoria Swigert, Sociology and Anthropology and class dean*
Karen Teitel, Economics and Accounting
Ward Thomas, Political Science
Karen Turner, History*
Kevin Walsh, Mathematics & Computer Science
Chick Weiss, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations*
Melissa Weiner, Sociology and Anthropology
Helen Whall, English*
Amy Wolfson, Psychology, Associate Dean*
Alex Yen, Economics*
Stephanie Yuhl, History
Ann Zelesky, Associate Athletic Director*

*retired/former members of the Holy Cross Community

Over the years, Holy Cross' participation has been financially supported by the Leavey Family Foundation, the Lilly Vocation Discernment Initiative, the Holy Cross Jesuit Community, and the President's Mission Fund.