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Reserving Rehm Library

Rehm Library is primarily intended for events sponsored by the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J. Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture, in accordance with the original gift and plan for its construction. We are happy to share it, as available, for academic events and select special uses, keeping in mind its joint purpose as a library/study space. In practice, this means that other departments wishing to reserve the space far in advance need to request to hold it, but will usually not have the availability confirmed until one month before the semester begins.

To book and use Rehm Library:

  1. Email the McFarland Center Program Coordinator with the date and time you are requesting, and the event title and details if you have them. Do not make requests through EMS first, as they may not be noticed or approved.
  2. Requests for the current semester:
    a. If the space is available, we will confirm and add it to our Google Calendar for Rehm Library.
  3. Requests for a future semester:
    a. If the space is available, we will place a HOLD on our Google Calendar for Rehm Library. We will try our best to work around any holds as we make our plans.
    b. The McFarland Center finalizes our schedule one month before the start of the next semester. At that time, we can confirm your request. If we learn about any conflict sooner, we will let you know then.
  4. Once we confirm availability with you, you will need to make an EMS request.
  5. Those requesting to use Rehm Library must agree to the following:
    a. You are responsible for any special room set-up (i.e. fishbowl) and for resetting the room to theater style after the event. If this needs to be arranged with Physical Plant to move chairs or tables, it must be coordinated with our office to ensure that it does not conflict with other events that might be scheduled the same day.
    b. You are responsible for arranging any A/V needs. Because of the complexity of the equipment, you may not use the A/V equipment in Rehm, including microphones, on your own. To make A/V arrangements, please submit a request through this form.