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Fitton, Fenwick, Cornerstone

In 1967, the President's Council was founded after a special alumni committee proposed that such a council be established to assist the president of Holy Cross by providing a source of reliable, ongoing financial support for the work of the College. President's Council celebrates high levels of annual support.

Thirty years later, in 1997, Cornerstone was created. Unlike President's Council, which celebrates annual commitment, Cornerstone celebrates the attainment of a total level of giving, in this case, $1 million or more. Cornerstone was the first society created at the College to recognize achievement in giving. The Fitton and Fenwick Societies extend the Cornerstone concept by celebrating other levels of achievement.

Fitton Society

FittonThis achievement society is named after a Worcester priest, the Reverend James Fitton. In 1836, Fr. Fitton founded Mount St. James Academy on a hillside farm near Worcester.

The Fitton Society recognizes donors who have given from $100,000 to $499,999 to the College in their lifetime. 

Fenwick Society

FenwickThis achievement society is named after Bishop Benedict J. Fenwick, head of the Catholic Church in Boston. Intending to establish a school for Catholic boys, Bishop Fenwick purchased Mount St. James Academy from Fr. Fitton in 1843.

The Fenwick Society recognizes donors whose lifetime giving to the College totals from $500,000 to $999,999.

Cornerstone Society

CornerstoneThis achievement society is named for the original cornerstone laid in June 1843 for what would become the College of the Holy Cross, named after Bishop Fenwick's beloved cathedral in Boston.

The Cornerstone Society recognizes donors whose lifetime giving to the College has reached or exceeded $1 million.