President's Council

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Vince Rougeau
The President's Council
A Foundational Impact

As Holy Cross’ premier annual giving society of alumni, parents and friends, the President’s Council provides consistent, generous support to the College.

The Impact of the President's Council

Taken individually, each member makes an instrumental impact; considered together, this group has been monumental in helping to ensure that the College’s facilities remain cutting-edge, that our transformative education is available to all students and our mission remains strong.

The generosity of President's Council donors is vital to ensuring the high quality of today's educational experience for students and advancing the mission of Holy Cross for years to come.

including alumni, parents and friends.
2,546 donors
of President's Council giving
Over 50 years
of annual giving is generated by President's Council
of all gifts to the College are generated by President's Council

President's Council Events

Support at the President's Council level provides essential resources for Holy Cross, and donors are invited to attend special social occasions throughout the year.

President's Council Reception at the Boston Public Library
Friday, September 8, 2023

President's Council Reception 2023 – Boston Public Library
Maximizing Your Gift; Maximizing Your Impact
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Shared Gift; Shared Benefit

Since a gift to the College often is a shared decision, Holy Cross couples who give at President’s Council levels will be identified as “joint donors.” For example, a gift of $2,500 enables a couple to be listed jointly as Patron donors. 

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Matching Gifts Count

You can maximize your ability to participate in President’s Council with a corporate matching gift. If your company, or your spouse’s company, matches charitable gifts, you may use that match as part of your President’s Council commitment. Please be sure to contact your organization’s human resources department or for matching gift information.

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Make a Gift

Like you, Holy Cross students are inspired by our Jesuit mission and driven by a relentless sense of optimism. Join us in our call to lead – your President’s Council gift will directly impact the next generation of Holy Cross leaders.

President's Council Annual Giving Levels



$100,000 or more
Partner $50,000-$99,999
Benefactor $25,000-$49,999
Regent $10,000-$24,999
Distinguished $5,000-$9,999
Patron $2,500-$4,999
Patron, graduates out more than 50 years $1,500 or more


President's Council GOLD Donor Annual Giving Levels

We are pleased to begin recognizing GOLD (graduates of the last decade) donors in a new way this year. President's Council GOLD donors are alumni who make an annual gift based on a sliding scale of $100 or more per year of graduation. 

2023 $100
2022 $200
2021 $300
2020 $400
2019 $500
2018 $600
2017 $700
2016 $800
2015 $900
2014 $1,000
2013 or earlier $2,500


Meet the President's Council Co-Chairs

Donna Murphy O'Brien and Dick Lavey
Richard Lavey '89 and Donna Murphy O'Brien '77
President's Council Co-Chairs

President's Council Executive Committee

Maura '94 and Gene '93 Fredey
Courtney Hingston '11
Marshall N. McIntosh '95
J. Michael McTernan P22
Suzanne Coyne O'Connell '83
Christopher Rock '03
Jacqueline Rock '02
Payton Shubrick '15
Rich Squeglia '91
Iván Watanabe '08

Stay Informed

President's Council donors receive PC Leader, a communication exclusively for President's Council to keep donors abreast of events and news happening on campus.  If you are not receiving the PC Leader newsletter, please call (508) 793-2421 with updated contact information.