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Alumni Online Directory

Looking for a classmate? Want to connect with fellow Crusaders in a specific city or industry? Search the Holy Cross Alumni Online Directory. Note: You need to be registered to have access to this networking resource. 

When using the Alumni Online Directory to identify career networking contacts, it is important to remember the following: 

  • By choosing Advanced Search your networking capacity is expanded as you no longer are searching by name, but are searching for all alumni who meet certain criteria. 
  • These criteria (categories) and any combination thereof allow you to refine your search accordingly. For example, you may search for all alumni in the Class of 1988, working in the accounting field and living in Connecticut, and who have agreed to be a career advisor. 
  • Please select Yes as the Career Advisor Indicator on the drop down menu. In this way you will be identifying only those alumni who have agreed to serve as career advisors. 

Alumni using the Online Directory for professional networking purposes are asked to:

  • Contact only those alumni who have agreed to serve as career advisors 
  • Be respectful when initiating contact and identify yourself as a Holy Cross alumna/us or student who is using the Career Network for career assistance 
  • Defer to the advisor's schedule when arranging meetings and telephone interviews 
  • Be prepared in your knowledge of the advisor's occupation and field 
  • Have a list of relevant questions available to ask 
  • Respond in a courteous and prompt manner when acknowledging courtesies given 
  • Not ask the advisor for a job or to find a job 
  • Not use the Career Network to promote your business or services 
  • Not use the Career Network for mass mailing of your resumé and for purposes of unsolicited mail, telephone calls or e-mail.