HCAA Committees & Partnerships


Alumni Career Advisory Committee 

Chair: Maura Sweeney '07, Director of Alumni Career Development 

This committee works with Alumni Career Services within the Office of Alumni Relations to maintain a network of alumni/ae volunteers throughout the United States who are willing to assist Holy Cross graduates with career advice and networking opportunities. The committee also offers feedback to Alumni Career Services on proposed programming and services. 

Bishop Healy Committee 

Chair: Melisa Alves '06

The Bishop Healy Committee’s purpose is to “discover and implement means of alumni participation in efforts to foster interracial understanding, interaction and friendship within the Holy Cross Community.” The committee’s three basic objectives are to

  • assist in increasing the recruitment and enrollment of ALANA students
  • assist in the retention of all ALANA students by initially welcoming, then encouraging and facilitating the achievement of their full potential at Holy Cross
  • increase the involvement of ALANA alumni/ae in Holy Cross activities such as regional clubs, reunions, HCAA activities, functions and leadership, and in the recruiting of ALANA students to the College 

Learn more about the Bishop Healy Committee and its history.

Communications Committee 

Co-Chairs:  Steve Kelleher '71

The Communications Committee disseminates relevant information about the HCAA’s purpose and activities through print, Internet or web-based media, with the goal of raising the HCAA’s profile throughout the Holy Cross community.  The Communications Committee is responsible for the “Crusader Chronicles” profile in Holy Cross E-News, as well as periodic articles promoting HCAA programs and services in the Holy Cross Magazine.

Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Donald G. Brady ’75

This committee works with the Academic Dean to organize a day-long educational program featuring Holy Cross faculty for alumni/ae. The Office of Alumni Relations assists the committee in promoting and coordinating the event. The committee also identifies ways to broaden the educational options offered to alumni/ae.

Credit Card Committee

Chair: Daniel D'Agata '04

The HCAA is currently in negotiations with its credit card provider to determine terms for the next credit card contract cycle. This committee works closely with the Director of Alumni Relations and the HCAA’s Treasurer throughout the negotiation process. 

Holy Cross Alumni Association Dinner Committee

Chair: John Hurley '05 and Ann Farrell '91

The dinner committee plans and executes the HCAA’s annual dinner, held during Fall Homecoming weekend, to honor four alumni/ae with the In Hoc Signo award, the Association’s highest honor, as well as the Young Alumni Leadership award.  The dinner also recognizes the recipients of the Patrick L. McCarthy ’63 Alumni Scholarship. This is a merit-based scholarship awarded to seniors who are children of alumni/ae.  

Holy Cross Cares Day Committee 

Chair: Tom Cadigan '02

The Holy Cross Cares Day Committee works closely with the regional clubs throughout the year to plan and execute a national day of community service each spring. The goal is to invite alumni/ae, parents and families to participate in volunteer projects at selected sites across the country.  

Homecoming Committee 

Co-Chairs: Sarah Jensen '08 and Bridget Keane '95

The Homecoming Committee is charged with planning activities for the fall Homecoming Weekend. Once a weekend has been selected by the College, the Homecoming Committee begins the process of developing a slate of activities, with the goal of attracting and engaging — or re-engaging — various alumni/ae constituencies.  

Legacy Committee

Chair: Colleen Amann '92, P'21 and Beth Antony '88, P'22

The Legacy committee recognizes the special relationship between Holy Cross alumni and their children and grandchildren who are currently attending the College. The committee seeks to celebrate and support those bonds through special programs and events including the Legacy Family Luncheon during Winter Homecoming and the Legacy Family Directory.

Move-In Day Committee

Chair: Maureen Moran '89

Each August, alumni/ae join Holy Cross staff and students as they welcome incoming students on Move-In Day. Responsibilities include offering directions and providing information packets, as well as helping students process paperwork and transfer belongings from their cars to their dorm rooms.

Regional Club Advisory Committee 

Chair: Tom Cadigan '02

This committee comprises current and/or former regional club presidents or volunteers from whom a chairperson is selected. The committee’s responsibility is to directly encourage and support the efforts of all regional clubs through the regional club presidents. This effort is done in collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations.  

Spirituality Committee 

Co-Chairs: Coleen Antico '89 and Rita Joan Santelli '95

This committee develops ways in which the HCAA can offer programs and services that address alumni/ae needs in this area – whether through retreats, days of reflections, collaboration with other institutions, and so on.  

Young Alumni Committee 

Chair: Erica Mendoza '18, Brooks Alumni Fellow

This committee represents the interests of those alumni/ae who have graduated within the last ten years, as well as current Holy Cross students. It coordinates young alumni/ae activities, including social and career-oriented programs at the HCAA board level, as well as supports and encourages such activities at the regional club level.  

Appointed Committees

Budget and Finance Committee 

Chair: Brian DiMare '06 

The Budget and Finance Committee meets each spring to review and recommend to the HCAA Board of Directors an annual operating budget for the HCAA’s various committees and programs. Funds are allocated according to the following priorities: alumni programs; student life; and college needs. The proposed budget is then submitted for approval at the reunion weekend HCAA board meeting. A subcommittee consisting of the HCAA President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, and Budget and Finance Committee Chair are authorized to allocate funds on an ad hoc basis.  

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the HCAA President, offering perspectives and counsel on a range matters up for consideration by the HCAA Board of Directors. The Executive Committee meets at the discretion of the HCAA President. It comprises the Immediate Past President, President-Elect, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, as well as two additional members chosen by the President.

In Hoc Signo Award Committee 

Chair: Bill Supple '81

Each year at the Holy Cross Alumni Association Dinner, held during Fall Homecoming Weekend, the HCAA recognizes four outstanding alumni/ae who have distinguished themselves by dedicated, outstanding and lengthy service to at least one of the following: Holy Cross, HCAA regional clubs or their class. Comprising all past In Hoc Signo recipients, this committee meets during the spring to review award nominees and makes final selections. The names of alumni/ae who are selected are submitted to the HCAA Board of Directors for its advice and consent.

Nominations and Elections Committee

Chair: Kim Stone '90

This committee recommends a slate of officers and directors to the HCAA Board of Directors for the next fiscal year to replace the outgoing officers and directors. The committee meets prior to December 31 of each year. 

Young Alumni Leadership Award Committee 

This award recognizes a young alumnus/a who has graduated within the past ten years and has demonstrated outstanding service to alma mater through the HCAA's committees and activities, regional club or class. The committee meets in the spring to select the winner and comprises the chair(s) of the Young Alumni Committee, HCAA President, Director and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. The award is presented at the HCAA Dinner during Fall Homecoming weekend.


The Holy Cross Alumni Association partners with a number of on-campus offices to support programs that benefit current students, prospective students and area schoolchildren.  Our goal is to strengthen ties between the HCAA and College, as well as between Holy Cross and its neighbors in Worcester.

Guest Program

Working with the Holy Cross Athletic Office, the HCAA sponsors the donation of tickets to home athletic events to school and church groups, youth organizations and social service agencies in the Worcester area and surrounding communities. The tickets are available at no charge to the organization or individuals.

Summer Fellowship

The HCAA encourages Holy Cross students to participate in meaningful public service activities during the summer by supporting socially responsible projects at the regional club level. The projects assist not-for-profit agencies in the name of Holy Cross, even as they offer regional clubs an activity/program that provides an opportunity for community outreach or supplements existing programs. Funding for these fellowships is shared by the HCAA, the sponsoring HCAA regional club, and the local not-for-profit organization. The senior associate director of the Center for Career Development assists the committee in managing the HCAA Summer Fellowship program by coordinating these activities with the regional clubs and applying students.