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Holy Cross Physicians Association

The Holy Cross Physicians Association (HCPA) serves as the primary organization connecting alumni physicians with the greater Holy Cross community.


The HCPA facilitates lifelong learning, professional networking and mentorship opportunities.  The group upholds the Jesuit tradition through the steadfast pursuit of excellence and dedicated service to those in need.  Specifically, the HCPA:

  • Serves as a forum for alumni physicians to exchange ideas pertaining to the practical, intellectual and ethical challenges with the field of medicine  
  • Enhances pre-healthcare education through lasting, collaborative relationships between alumni physicians, faculty and students
  • Offers support and mentorship to current students or graduates in pursuit of admission to medical, osteopathic and other allied health schools
  • Strengthens the reputation of Holy Cross by recognizing the outstanding and lasting accomplishments graduates within the medical field

Stay Connected

We all know that the life of a physician is incredibly busy.  To become a general member of the HCPA requires minimal time commitment.  If you are at a point in your career which affords a bit more time, consider a spot on the HCPA Board of Directors or on a planning committee.

We need you!  Share your ideas. Express appreciation for your alma mater and help shape the future cadre of Holy Cross physicians. Become an engaged member of the HCPA today.

Future Initiatives

  • Mentorship: We hope to create one on one mentorship programs and formalize shadowing experiences for students, in collaboration with the pre-health advisory faculty.
  • Professional Development: We envision lectures on general medical topics by a distinguished alumnus/a once a semester for CME.
  • Recognition: We will highlight accomplishment by HC physician graduates and create an annual award recognizing an individual alumni physician who has made an invaluable contribution to the field of medicine.


About HC Health Professions Advising

Presenter: Dr. Miles Cahill, Health Professions Advisor and Chair of Committee

Event Date: April 14, 2021



Donna LaFontaine '81
Michael Dubik '78
William Hennrikus '78


Karen Heveron Bagdonas ’90
Cristin Colford ’96
Mary-Jane Hogan ’86
Robert Klein ’73
Louis McIntyre ’80
Christopher Morin ’70
Richard Palu ’76
Robert Pollard ’80
Joseph Quaranta ‘94
Marcus Stoddard ’78
William Tosches ’67
Kevin Twohig ’78


The Office of Alumni Relations is eager to help plan HCPA activities and serve as liaison between the HCPA and the Holy Cross administration.  

For more information, please contact Maura Sweeney, Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development at or 508-793-2418.