Award Winners

Holy Cross Fund Awards Ceremony

Joseph A. Perrotta ’28 Award

This award, established in 1975, is given in memory of Joseph A. Perrotta ’28, who served as Secretary to the President of the College from 1929 to 1972.  It is given to the Class Chair or Correspondent who over the past year has communicated with his or her classmates in an especially dedicated way.

Francis T. Bergin III ’91

Matthew P. Cavanaugh ’20 Award

Amanda Corbett Beaver ’03
Kathleen Taylor Connolly '77

G.O.L.D. Award

This award, established in 2012, is given to a Class Chair or Correspondent in the 10 most-recent graduating classes who over the past year has demonstrated exceptional dedication to his or her class and to the College. 

Olufunmilola F. Anifowoshe ’17

Outstanding Class Awards

Purple Knights
Class Co-Chairs
Robert F. Danahy '55
Robert J. McKay '55
William J. O'Herron '55

Group I 1968-1976
Class Chair
Thomas E. Ryan '76

Class Correspondent
Thomas C. Healey '76

Group II 1978-1986
Class Co-Chairs
Thomas M. Flynn '85
Joseph Terranova, Esq. '85

Class Correspondent
Joanne Sadowski Niland '85

Group III 1988-1996
Class Co-Chairs
Mary L. Boyle '88
Ellen S. Conte '88
Paul E. Demit '88
Robert R. Hamel, Jr. '88

Group IV 1998-2006
Class Co-Chairs
Kevin L. Cullinan '06
Anne V. Dunne '06

Group V 2008-2017
Class of 2017 Gift Committee
Olufunmilola F. Anifowoshe ’17
Meaghan E. Body '17
Charlotte M. O'Brien '17
Sean C. Teebagy '17

Reunion Records

65th Reunion Records
Total Reunion Gift: $6,551, 321
Holy Cross Fund Gift: $62,972
Class Participation: 67%

Class Co-Chairs
Bertram U. Mount, Jr. '52
Joseph F. Whalen, Jr. '52

Class Correspondent
Rev. John R. Mulvehill, STD '52

60th Reunion Record
Holy Cross Fund Gift: $531,448

Class Co-Chairs
Austin M. O'Toole '57
John M. Bowen '57

Class Correspondent
William R. Murray '57

Reunion Gift Co-Chairs
Brian P. Burns '57
Richard F. Burke '57

55th Reunion Record
Holy Cross Fund Gift: $370,811

Class Co-Chair
William J. O'Leary, Jr. '62

Class Co-Chair & Reunion Gift Chair
Michael J. Leding, Jr. '62

Leadership Giving Chair
Peter J. Deckers, M.D. '62

50th Reunion Record
Total Reunion Gift: $10,224,418

Class Co-Chairs
Andrew J. McElaney, Jr. '67
John J. McLaughlin '67
John P. Sindoni, Esq. '67

Reunion Gift Chair
P. Kevin Condron '67

40th Reunion Record
Total Reunion Gift: $4,858,603

Class Co-Chairs
Brian A. Cashman '77
Kathleen Tayor Connolly '77

Gift Chair
Stephen P. Skinner '77

National Chair
Shawn P. Matthews '77

35th Reunion Record
Total Reunion Gift: $7,028,264
Holy Cross Fund Gift: $499,011
Total Donors: 364

Class Co-Chairs
Jean Kelly Cummings '82
Kristin E. Mumford '82
Jack T Nealon, Jr. '82
Susan Lidestri Sullivan '82 

Gift Co-Chairs
Gary L. McGuirk, Esq. '82
Maura E. O'Sullivan '82