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4/26/2018 - Assumption Center Honors Partnership with Holy Cross

At their annual end-of-year mentoring celebration, the Assumption Center honored Holy Cross for our partnership. Assumption Center and Holy Cross have been in partnership for several years, and each year our partnership has grown. CBL and SPUD students serve as mentors in the Assumption Center mentoring program and ESL teachers in their ESL program. CBL students have twice made films for the Assumption Center (through Prof. Bridget Franco's CBL course, "Filmmaking in Spanish"), as well as served as program assistants to their Girls with Dreams Program. Additionally the Assumption Center has served as a case study site in two recent Non-Profit Careers Conferences. In 2016, an NPCC team examined the Assumption Center's Girls with Dreams Program and provided suggestions and recommendations for how the Girls with Dreams program can connect with career-readiness resources.  In 2018, an NPCC team examined the Assumption Center's AMA program (Assumption Mission Associates-a year-long post-graduate service opportunity) and provided suggestions and recommendations for how the Assumption Center can recruit better and more qualified applicants for the AMA program.  Both CBL and SPUD were honored to receive this recognition from the Assumption Center and will continue to charish our partnership. We were also pleased that Fr. Campbell, the College's Vice President for Mission, was able to attend the celebration and receive the Assumption Center's token of gratitude on the College's behalf. Thank you, Assumption Center for your fantastic partnership!

4/25/2018 - CBL Featured at 2018 Academic Conference at Holy Cross

The annual Academic Conference was held at Holy Cross, April 24-27th, 2018. The conference celebrated hundreds of Holy Cross students and their academic work over the past year.  Community-Based Learning was featured several times throughout the conference. Here are a few highlights:

  • Senior CBL Intern, Katelyn Lyons '18 presented her honors thesis (three times!) at the conference.  Katelyn's thesis, "Charitable Aims Versus Market Logics: Misrecognition in the Abby's House Thrift Store," was based on her anthropological research at Abby's House over the course of this year and last summer. Katelyn examined the concept of charity from the perspective of Abby's House thrift store volunteers. Katelyn became connected to Abby's House through a CBL course her first year at Holy Cross ("Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies"). Katelyn has stayed active in her volunteering with Abby's House all throughout her time at Holy Cross. Congratulations, Katelyn!

  • Senior CBL Intern, Elaines Peña '18 presented her Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies capstone, "Long Term Impact of a Mother Caroline Academy Education on Low-Income, Urban Girls." Elaines' capstone stemmed from her own experience at Mother Caroline, which Elaines attended for middle school. Elaines' education there had such a strong impact on her that Elaines grew curious about the experiences of other Morther Caroline alumna and if they shared similar sentiments. Elaines conducted in-depth interviews with several Mother Caroline alumna. Their reflections confirmed Elaines' curiosity--a Mother Caroline education is a powerful experience for students and stays with Mother Caroline alumna long after they've graduated from Mother Caroline. Mother Caroline will be utilizing some of Elaines' interview materials for their upcoming fundraising event. Congratulations, Elaines!

  • Two CBL students from Prof. Bridget Franco's, "Filmmaking in Spanish" course, Visaury Moreta '19 and Nick Triant '19 presented on their CBL experiences making films for two community partners (Assumption Center's AMA Program [Visaury] and Centro [Nick]).  Throughout their presentation, Visaury and Nick reflected on how much of an impact their experience had on them.  The relationships they were able to build with their community partners, the teamwork that they had with their film crews, and the hands-on experience of filmmaking all contributed to a deep and meaningful learning experience. All four films from Prof. Franco's Fall 2017 class were also featured during a poster session. Congratulations, Visaury, Nick, and all of Prof. Franco's students!

4/25/2018 - CBL Interns Invited to Speak at Ascentria Care Alliance's Volunteer Appreciation Event

On April 25, 2018, Ascentria Care Alliance welcomed numerous of their volunteers to their business offices for their first-ever volunteer apprecation event.  The Donelan Office and Ascentria have been in partnership for many years, and we were delighted to take part in the event.  Holy Cross CBL students volunteer with many of Ascentria's programs, including their Unaccompanied Refugee Minors tutoring and mentoring programs and their Services for New Americans program.  Two CBL interns, Molly Caulfield '18 and Jeff Warden '18 were invited to speak at the event to share about their experiences with Ascentria.  Molly and Jeff first became involved with Ascentria through their Montserrat seminar and their Spanish 301 course in the fall of their first year at Holy Cross.  They have remained involved throughout their four years at the College, serving as the coordinators of the tutoring and mentoring programs.  In their speeches, both expressed how meaningful their experiences with Ascentria have been due to the relationships they have been able to build with the Ascentria clients.  Click here to watch Jeff's speech and here to watch Molly's speech.  Thank you to Jeff and Molly for sharing your words and thank you to Ascentria for all that you do to welcome Holy Cross students into your community.  Molly and Jeff are pictured at the appreciation event below.

4/18/2018 - J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World Formally Dedicated; Center Featured in Holy Cross Magazine (Holy Cross Magazine)

On April 18th, J.D. Power '53 and his family were welcomed to campus for the formal dedication of the J.D. Power Center for the Liberal Arts in the World. In January of 2018, the Power family's Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation gifted $3 million to Holy Cross to support the Center for Liberal Arts in the World, of which Community-Based Learning is a part. CBL Interns and staff took part in the celebration and are extremely grateful for the Power family's generous donation. Read more about J.D. Power and his family in the most recent edition of the Holy Cross Magazine. Recently, CBL Intern, Christian Realbuto '20 took to the CBL Intern blog to reflect on the dedication of the Center, as well as his gratitude for Mr. Power. Read Christian's post here.

J.D. Power III

J.D. Power '53 in front of the sign to the new J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World. Photo credit: Tom Rettig, Holy Cross Magazine.

4/12/2018 - CBL Students Participate in Naturalization Ceremony at Worcester Public Library 

On April 12th, 74 new citizens were naturalized in a naturalization ceremony hosted by the Worcester Public Library (WPL). This past year, several CBL students from Prof. Ginny Ryan's Montserrat CBL course, "Exploring Differences" have been volunteering with the WPL on a couple of their initiatives to support immigrants, refugees, and those seeking citizenship in the United States. The CBL students have assisted  with their citizenship preparation courses and their English conversation circles. A few of the CBL students were able to assist with the naturalization ceremony that was hosted by the library. One student, Adriana Guadana-Huizar '21 led the entire group in the Pledge of Allegiance (pictured below). Read more about the ceremony in the Worcester Magazine.

Photo credit: Katelyn Duncan, Worcester Public Library

4/11/2018 - CBL Students and Nativity School of Worcester and Woodland Academy Students Participate in Science Fair!

This semester, advanced chemistry and biology students have been working with Nativity School of Worcester and Woodland Academy students on science projects. In small groups, students aimed to answer the question, "What have you wondered about?" through completing a science project using items from everyday life. On April 11th, the groups presented their projects at a Science Fair held at Holy Cross to Holy Cross Science Ambassadors. The ambassadors judged the projects based on how well they executed the scientific method. Prof. Avila-Bront (Chemistry) has been advising this CBL project throughout the semester. Congratulations to all students who submitted a project!

One of the Nativity groups (top) and one of the Woodland groups (bottom) with their HC mentors and their Science Fair projects.

3/6/2018 - Michelle Sterk Barrett Presents at Saint Joseph's University

Director Michelle Sterk Barrett was invited to present at St. Joseph's University on March 6th. Through a speaker series supported by the Joseph William and Madeline Eberle Klein Fund, Michelle presented the talk entitled, "Fostering Young Adult Spiritual Development in a Competitive Digital World." The Joseph William and Madeline Eberle Klein Fund was established for the explicit purpose of “supporting educational events (including courses, programs, lectures, and the like) and materials specifically directed toward greater inclusion in the Roman Catholic Church.”

3/6/2018 - CBL Intern, Clare Orie featured in Holy Cross Newsroom Story about Peace Corps (Holy Cross Newsroom)

After graduation, four Holy Cross seniors will join the Peace Corps, one of whom is CBL Intern, Clare Orie. Clare will be participating in Peace Corps Rwanda. Part of what has informed Clare's decision to join the Peace Corps is her experience with CBL at Holy Cross: "That taste for political engagement was reinforced for Orie ’18... through her involvement in Community-Based Learning (CBL), integrated courses that bring classroom learning to life through community projects and direct service opportunities. “It’s been so formative — really moving beyond binaries, moving beyond power dynamics, and asking very hard questions.”" Click here to read more. Congratulations, Clare!

1/29/2018 - Holy Cross Announces $3 Million Gift for J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World (Holy Cross Newsroom)

College of the Holy Cross has received a $3 million gift from the family of alumnus and pioneer in consumer research and information, J.D. Power III ’53, in support of the College’s Center for Liberal Arts in the World. In recognition of this transformative gift, the Center will be renamed the J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the WorldRead more about the story here. The Donelan Office is excited about being a part of this Center and looks forward to the additional support it will bring to experiential learning at Holy Cross.

1/20/2018 - Holy Cross Magazine Features Ten Years of Montserrat; Several Montserrat Courses Have a CBL Component (Holy Cross Magazine)

Prof. Neal Lipstiz' Montserrat CBL course, "Science of Happiness" is featured in this Holy Cross Magazine story. This year, six Montserrat courses include a CBL component. Click here to read more of the history of Montserrat and the evolution over the past ten years.

11/28/2017 - Worcester Magazine and Worcester T & G Feature Story on Holy Cross Being Awarded $800,000 Community Research Grant from the Mellon Foundation 

From the Worcester Magazine article: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Holy Cross in Worcester a $800,000 grant to support community-based research projects in the city, the school announced Tuesday. The grant, matching the largest Holy Cross has ever received from the foundation, will fund five years of faculty research projects as part of the “Scholarship in Action” initiative, which Holy Cross Provost Marjaret Freije said draws on the school’s strengths: strong community partnerships, active engagement of students in Worcester and a commitment by faculty to engaging students in their research projects. Click here to read more of the Worcester Magazine article. Click here to read the T & G article.

11/26/2017 - Holy Cross alum, Lillie Reder '17 (also a former CBL Intern) discusses her involvement in the Non-Profit Careers Conference in the Chronicle of Higher Education 

For two winter breaks I returned to campus a week before the start of second semester to attend my college’s annual Non-Profit Careers Conference. Participants spent the week diving into the logistics of running, maintaining, and expanding nonprofit organizations by sitting in on lectures given by our faculty and visiting guests and engaging directly with local nonprofits here in Worcester, Mass. Click here to continue reading.

10/30/2017 - Director Michelle Sterk Barrett Elected Vice-Chair of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities' (AJCU) Service Learning Professionals Group

Donelan Office Director, Michelle Sterk Barrett has been elected as Vice-Chair of the AJCU Service Learning Professionals Group. The group is comprised of service learning professionals from all of the Jesuit colleges and universities across the U.S. As Vice-Chair Michelle will assist in the leadership of the professional group, assist with the planning of the bi-annual meeting, serve as a resource for all service learning professionals in the AJCU, and assume the responsibilities of the Chair should the Chair no longer be able to serve. Michelle has extensive experience in the AJCU network through working in AJCU schools for over 16 years, participating in the Ignatian Colleagues Program, and co-chairing the 2017 JUHAN conference at Holy Cross. Since early in her career, she has found the AJCU service learning professional network to be filled with incredible people doing incredible work and has thoroughly appreciated how it has fostered a space for professional guidance/support, innovative ideas, and genuine friendships. Therefore, she is privileged to serve the network that has been such a gift to her through the years. Congratulations, Michelle!

10/13/2017 - Latino History Project of Worcester Exhibit, "The Journey" Opens

On Friday, October 13th, the Latino History Project of Worcester exhibit, "The Journey" opens at the Worcester Historical Museum. The Journey is about coming to Worcester and straddling two worlds. One that is left behind and the new place that we make our home.  This project will enhance the understanding of the origins and cultural assets that Latinos contribute to the fabric of Worcester. It is inspired by the migration of Latinos into and out of Worcester and the objects that are important to them, represented by the items in the suitcase. Latinos brought with them many items from home: a rosary, a little bit of soil, a pilón (Puerto Rican grinder), and their music. Objects that Latinos thought were essential in starting a new life in Worcester.  The Latino History Project of Worcester is a multi-year initiative documenting the Latino presence in Worcester, in order to share the unheard stories of Latinos, institutions, culture, economy, and the daily life of the residents in the heart of the Commonwealth. Two Holy Cross Professors, Rosa Carrasquillo (History) and Cynthia Stone (Spanish) are members of the Latino History Project steering committee. In Professor Stone's Spanish 304 course, "Aspects of Spanish-American Culture," students are completing a CBL project with the Latino History Project. 

10/5/2017 - "Jesuit Organizations Lead the Way in Aiding Refugees Worldwide" (Holy Cross Magazine

The Fall 2017 Holy Cross Magazine cover story features the ways in which Jesuit organizations, Holy Cross especially, are actively responding to the refugee crisis. The story highlights the Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Conference (that was hosted at Holy Cross this past summer), Pax Christi, SPUD, and Community-Based Learning, along with Holy Cross community partners, the Worcester Refugee Assistance Project (WRAP), Refugee Artisans of Worcester (RAW), and the Worcester Alliance for Refugee Ministry (WARM). Current and former CBL Interns' experiences are also featured in the article (Mattie Carroll '19 and Clare Orie '18). Regarding her passion to assist the world's most vulnerable, including refugees, Clare shares "I feel like it is my responsibility to use my education to help my brothers and sisters worldwide." Click here to read the article in its entirety.

7/27/2017 - Maymester CBL course, "Social Justice In Context" Featured in Holy Cross News

In "Social Justice in Context," 12 studenst traveled to India to first learn about Indian society and culture and then participate in a two-week internship (the CBL component). Of the internship, Hanna Ballantine '19 shared, “The internship was an essential part of the Maymester as it allowed us to take what we learned from the first two weeks in Bangalore during lectures and from listening to guest speakers, and put this knowledge into action." Click here to read the full article.

6/27/2017 - 6/29/2017 - College of the Holy Cross (CBL, Dean's Office, and Peace and Conflict Studies) Hosts JUHAN Conference (Holy Cross News)

The College of the Holy Cross welcomed over 150 people to campus for the fifth biennial Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network (JUHAN) Conference. The theme of this year's conference was "Principles in Crisis: Refugees and Responsibility." Students, faculty, staff, scholars, and practitioners from across North America attended the conference. The three days were filled with deep and engaged dialogue, provocative keynote sessions, thoughtful breakout sessions, and visits to local community partners working to support refugees, immigrants, and those seeking asylum right here in Worcester. Regarding lessons learned from participating in the conference, one participant shared:

I knew going into this conference that it was important for me personally and for our organization to accompany the refugees and immigrants in our midst and to collaborate with other community stakeholders and organizations who share the same vision and heart to serve. These commitments/values were strengthened. Also, I think of myself more as an activist than as an academic, but I leave the JUHAN conference with a renewed commitment to keep learning and developing a big-picture, systemic perspective on the issues involved in pursuing social justice.

Click here to read the Holy Cross Newsroom report. 

Photos from L to R: Eva Millona, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition giving the welcome address; JUHAN participants on a site visit to the Worcester Alliance for Refugee Ministry; the Holy Cross JUHAN Planning Team, Prof. Denis Kennedy, Isabelle Jenkins, Dr. Michelle Sterk Barrett, Sahra Hassan '19, and Mattie Carroll '19.

For more about the JUHAN Conference, visit the 2017 JUHAN Conference website. Here you can view more photos, videos of the keynote sessions, as well as other news and resources. Also visit the AJCU JUHAN webpage. Here you can find more information about the wider JUHAN Network. The sixth biennial JUHAN Conference will be held in 2019 (location TBD). 

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