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Marshall Memorial Fund

Through a bequest of James J. Marshall and Ellen O'Connor Marshall, the College has established a fund to encourage the creative and intellectual involvement of students and faculty with the Worcester Community in order to enhance the quality of life in Worcester and build closer ties between the College and the community. Financial support is available on a competitive basis for service, research, and community-based learning projects that are of academic benefit to Holy Cross students and/or faculty and of benefit to the people of Worcester. Awards are typically in the range of $200-$500. Applications are available in the beginning of each semester and should be submitted to the Donelan Office by the listed due date.  

The remaining 2017-2018 academic year application deadline is 2/14.  An application can be downloaded here or submitted through the Student Program Applications portal. 

General questions about the fund and the selection process should be directed to Michelle Sterk BarrettIsabelle Jenkins is available for consultation as applications are being completed (email Isabelle to make an appointment or drop by Smith 334). 

**Special note: if you are thinking about developing a program that involves bringing minors (children under the age of 18) to campus, the Safety of Children in College Programs policy and procedures must be followed. Detailed information about the policy and procedures can be found here. Isabelle is available to discuss and review this with Marshall Grant applicants as well.


Questions about the application process and how a CBL student has utilized the funds to support her CBL site?

Click here to read an interview with Marshall Grant recipient, Caitlin Pollard '17 and her experience applying for the Marshall Grant to support the expansion of the food pantry at AIDS Project Worcester. 


2017-2018 Grant Recipients

  • The Montserrat Class, Death and Society was awarded funds to purchase supplies to make hospice care kits. All students in Death and Society will be serving as hospice volunteers in the spring semester (at St. Mary Health Care Center Hospice, Notre Dame Health Care Center HospiceJewish Health Care Center Hospice, and Salmon VNA Health and Retirement Hospice). The hospice care kits will be utilized by the students when they attend their weekly visits. The kits will contain items that will help them provide the best companionship possible to the hospice patients.

  • Jaqueline Alvarez '20, Molly Caulfield '18, Jeffrey Ibarra '18, and Jessica Lucero '20 were awarded funds to purchase food and supplies for a luncheon and film screening with community partners for Bridget Franco’s Fall SPAN 312 course, “Filmmaking in Spanish.” The Assumption Center, Hector Reyes House, CENTRO, Inc., and the Ignatian Volunteer Corps are each working with teams from Prof. Franco’s course that are creating films to be used by the organizations for marketing and communications purposes.  Jaqueline, Molly, Jeffrey, and Jessica are each on one of the four filmmaking teams in Prof. Franco’s course.

  • Melissa Bradley '20 and Catherine Eagan '20 were awarded funds to pay for translation services associated with a project they are doing in their "Introduction to Visual Arts" course with Professor Amanda Luyster.  Students in this class are working with the Refugee Artisans of Worcester (RAW) to write marketing materials that will accompany crafts made and sold by refugees with the support of RAW.  Some of these crafts (and associated marketing materials) can be found in the Holy Cross bookstore.

  • Molly Caulfield ‘18 and Katie Trymbulak '18 were awarded funds to purchase art supplies for Holy Cross mentors and youth of Ascentria Care Alliance’s Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program (URMP).  Molly and Katie began working with the URMP during their Montserrat class with Professor Virginia Ryan and have continued to do so as CBL Interns.

  • Erin Dennehy ’19 was awarded funds to print copies of the cookbooks she and her classmates created for food bank clients at Catholic Charities Worcester. Erin and her class (Cities & Environment, Prof. Daina Harvey) have been working on this CBL project all semester. The cook book is intended to provide helpful recipes and other information for the food pantry clients.

  • Erin Dennehy '19 was awarded funds to purchase can openers and food containers for the food pantry at Catholic Charities Worcester. Erin is currently taking Professor Daina Harvey's "Cities and the Environment" course and submitted the grant proposal on behalf of the class. Students in this class are working with the food pantry in order to expand their services to those experiencing hunger in the community. The materials that will be funded by the grant will assist Catholic Charities to increase access to a wider variety of foods and reduce waste associated with food donations that are unable to be utilized.

  • Margot Reed ’18 was awarded funds to purchase graphing notebooks for Sullivan Middle School math students. Margot will be student teaching at Sullivan in the spring. The graphing notebooks will aid her and her students in their lessons.

  • Jerome Siangco ’19 and Cassandra Brouillard ’18 were awarded funds to purchase culturally appropriate food for the Catholic Charities Worcester food pantry. This semester, Cassandra and Jerome have been working on a community organizing project with Catholic Charities on food justice. This project was completed in conjunction with Prof. Susan Crawford Sullivan’s Leadership and Social Change course.

  • Lorenzo Vicente '18 was awarded funds to support Worcester Common Ground and the Jacob Hiatt Magnet School's collaborative bioshelter construction project. Lorenzo is taking an academic internship class focused on non-profits and government with Michelle Sterk Barrett and Jamie Hoag.  Lorenzo's internship is with Worcester Common Ground and they are working to open Worcester's first bioshelter. In an effort to increase awareness of the space and attract neighbors to the bioshelter, Worcester Common Ground is working with the Jacob Hiatt Magnet School to decorate the bioshelter with artwork created by youth at the school. The funds Lorenzo successfully applied for will help to purchase art supplies associated with this project. 

  • Michelle Yu ’18, Kate Heenan ’18, Margot Reed ’18, and Allison Sullivan ’19 were awarded funds to host a field trip at Holy Cross for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls from Sullivan Middle School. The field trip will focus on engaging the middle school girls in mathematics and will be led by students involved in the Association of Women in Mathematics. The field trip is intended to encourage post-secondary study in the STEM fields.

More past recipients can be found in the Marshall Memorial Fund Archive.