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Marshall Memorial Fund

Through a bequest of James J. Marshall and Ellen O'Connor Marshall, the College has established a fund to encourage the creative and intellectual involvement of students and faculty with the Worcester Community in order to enhance the quality of life in Worcester and build closer ties between the College and the community. Financial support is available on a competitive basis for service, research, and community-based learning projects that are of academic benefit to Holy Cross students and/or faculty and of benefit to the people of Worcester. Awards are typically in the range of $200-$500. An application is available here or on the Student Applications Portal.  Application deadlines for the 2018-2019 academic year are September 26th, November 28th, and February 13th.  Decisions will be sent via e-mail within two weeks after each deadline.

General questions about the fund and the selection process should be directed to Michelle Sterk BarrettIsabelle Jenkins is available for consultation as applications are being completed (email Isabelle to make an appointment or drop by Smith 334). 

**Special note: if you are thinking about developing a program that involves bringing minors (children under the age of 18) to campus, the Safety of Children in College Programs policy and procedures must be followed. Detailed information about the policy and procedures can be found here. Isabelle is available to discuss and review this with Marshall Grant applicants as well.


Questions about the application process and how a CBL student has utilized the funds to support her CBL site?

Click here to read an interview with Marshall Grant recipient, Caitlin Pollard '17 and her experience applying for the Marshall Grant to support the expansion of the food pantry at AIDS Project Worcester. 


2018-2019 Grant Recipients

  • Maya Collins '19 and Caroline O'Connor '19 were awarded funds for two initiatives they are working on with the Worcester Public School Transition Program. First, funds will go toward purchasing shirts and art materials to create costumes for the WPS Transition Program's theatre program. Second, funds will go toward creating and printing the first-ever WPS Transition Program newsletter. Maya and Caroline volunteer weekly with the WPS Transition Program and support the program in various capacities.

  • Professor Ara Francis (Sociology) was awarded funds to enable the students in her community-based learning "Death and Society" Montserrat course to participate in an 8-hour dementia training workshop. This semester, Prof. Francis' students are training to become volunteers with numerous Worcester-based facilities that provide hospice care (Jewish Healthcare Center Hospice, Notre Dame Health Care Center, Rose Monahan Hospice, Salmon VNA and Hospice, and St. Mary Health Care Center). The 8-hour dementia training is a requirement for all hospice volunteers, as it enables hospice volunteers to more adequately serve hospice patients who experience dementia. Once Prof. Francis' students complete the dementia training and other related trainings, they will serve as hospice volunteers in the spring.

  • Caitlin Grant '21 was awarded funds to purchase supplies and activity materials to enhance the Worcester Public School Transition Program's partnership with Spanish CBL students. Each Wednesday, WPS Transition students come to campus to work with students from a variety of Spanish CBL courses. Holy Cross and WPS Transition students practice their Spanish speaking skills and participate in community and skill-building activities. Caitlin has become engaged with the WPS Transition Program through her community-based learning Spanish course, "Bilingualism/Spanish World."

  • Alex Kanya '22 was awarded funds to purchase frisbees for the Worcester Public School Transition Program. Alex is working to create an athletic program for the students in the WPS Transition Program that will be focused on the sport of frisbee. Alex is working with the WPS Transition Program through his Monsterrat Course, "Identity, Diversity, and Community." 

  • Will McAvoy '20 and Megan Treanor '20 were awarded funds to purchase supplies to begin a garden at St. Mary Health Care Center that will be accessible to St. Mary residents who use wheelchairs.  Will first became involved with St. Mary through his Montserrat course, "Identity, Diversity, and Community."

  • Kathryn Middlebrook '19 was awarded funds to purchase individual white boards, markers, colored pencils, and large post-it paper for 7th and 8th grade math students at Burncoat Middle School. These supplies will support Kathryn in her student teaching at Burncoat this spring as  Kathryn and her supervising practitioner will use these supplies to implement a variety of pedagogical activities to accommodate for the numerous learning styles and needs in the classroom. Kathryn is involved with Burncoat through the Teacher Education Program.

  • Jailene Munoz '19 was awarded funds to purchase pencils and a pencil sharpener for the Burncoat High School classroom she will be student teaching in in the spring semester.  The pencils and sharpener will enable the students to participate in classroom activities and complete their assignments.  Jailene is involved with Burncoat through the Teacher Education Program.

  • Hannah Trueman '19, Maureen Hodgens '19, and Allyson Kudenchak '19 were awarded funds to be used toward an honorarium for author, Jarrett J. Krosoczka to visit Sullivan Middle School in March of 2019.  Mr. Krosoczka is the author of the non-fiction young adult graphic novel, "Hey, Kiddo," which tells the story of how one boy was able to make sense of the trauma he experienced as a child with art.  Students at Sullivan Middle School, where Hannah, Maureen, and Allyson will be student teaching in the spring, will read this novel prior to his visit to Sullivan. Mr. Krosoczka is from Worcester originally, which makes his visit extra special and relatable.  Hannah, Maureen, and Allyson are involved with Sullivan through the Teacher Education Program.

More past recipients can be found in the Marshall Memorial Fund Archive.