Marshall Memorial Fund

Through a bequest of James J. Marshall, Jr, ’26 in memory of his parents, James J. Marshall and Ellen O'Connor Marshall, the College has established a fund to encourage the creative and intellectual involvement of students and faculty with the Worcester Community in order to enhance the quality of life in Worcester and build closer ties between the College and the community. Financial support is available on a competitive basis for service, research, and community-based learning projects that are of academic benefit to Holy Cross students and/or faculty and of benefit to the people of Worcester. Awards are typically in the range of $200-$500. Application deadlines for the 2022-2023 academic year are 10/5, 12/7, 2/22. Apply via myHC.

General questions about the fund and the selection process should be directed to  Isabelle Jenkins. Questions pertaining to purchasing/reimbursement should be directed to Diane Girard.  Mattie Carroll is available for coaching and guidance as applications are being completed. 

Questions about the application process and how a CBL student has utilized the funds to support her CBL site? Watch the J.D. Power Center's instagram story about how Jocelyn Buggy '22 used her Marshall funds to create welcoming baskets for the Worcester Alliance for Refugee Ministry. Read an interview with Marshall Grant recipient, Caitlin Pollard '17 and her experience applying for the Marshall Grant to support the expansion of the food pantry at AIDS Project Worcester. 

**Special note: if you are thinking about developing a program that involves bringing minors (children under the age of 18) to campus, the Safety of Children in College Programs policy and procedures must be followed. Mattie is available to discuss and review this with Marshall Grant applicants as well. 

2022-2023 Marshall Fund Recipients

  • Jamil Davis '23 was awarded funds to purchase supplies to support his student teaching this year at South High Community School. Supplies include materials for a hygiene curriculum Jamil is creating and teaching in the spring, which will then be available for other teachers to implement in future classrooms. Jamil became connected to South High through the Teacher Education Program.

Read about additional past recipients in the Marshall Memorial Fund Archive.