Community-Based Learning Intern Program

The CBL Interns are a select group of student leaders who have previous experience in CBL and who have a desire to build community with other students passionate about civic engagement. CBL Interns help to facilitate multiple aspects of the CBL Program, including putting on community-related events, facilitating small and large group dialogue sessions, assisting with CBL placement, and liaising with community partners. CBL Interns build community with each other through monthly meetings, office hours, and a variety of community activities. CBL Interns also have a variety of opportunities to gain and hone leadership skills through workshops, events, and a variety of other avenues. In this way, the CBL Intern Program is both a leadership program and a learning opportunity. Students gain skills and community while simultaneously assisting with the work of the Donelan Office. Read about some of the CBL Interns' CBL experiences on the CBL Intern Blog.

CBL Intern Group Fall '22

Meet the 2022-2023 CBL Interns!

CBL Interns hold weekly office hours and are available to meet with students to discuss their CBL experiences, to review CBL-related assignments, and to talk more about opportunities offered through the Donelan Office and the J.D. Power Center. Visit the interns during their office hours or email to schedule a meeting with an Intern. Office hours for the Fall '22 semester will be posted soon.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
10am Sarah Ayers & Patrick McQuillen       Jocelyn Hernandez & Sophie Fitzpatrick  
11am Anthony Mabardy Erica Schofield & Courtney Yockel        
12pm     Fernanda Perez-Alvarez & Delaney Walch   Morgan Vacca & Valentina Maza  
1pm         Megan Yee  
2pm Ashley Garcia Quiterio & Alison Maloney          

Interested in applying to become a CBL Intern? Applications for the 2023-2024 CBL Intern Program will be available in February, 2023. Questions? Contact the Donelan Office.

1. A desire to build community with other students interested in community engagement.
2. Prior completion of at least one community-based learning course or equivalent community  
    engagement experience.
3. A strong interest in learning more about community-based learning and Worcester non-profits.
4. Strong communication and leadership skills.
5. Engagement at a CBL site through a CBL course, community-based work study or community service.
6. Attendance at a CBL Intern Training the day before classes in the fall semester.

The CBL Intern Program is an opportunity for Holy Cross students to:

1. Join a community of students and staff interested in civic engagement and community-based learning.
2. Increase their knowledge of social problems, local non-profits, and the City of Worcester.
3. Deepen their understanding of community-based learning.
4. Build their communication and leadership skills through working with community partners,
    students, faculty, and staff.
5. Have priority selection to participate in the Non-Profit Careers Conference if desired.

CBL Interns serve through:
1. Serving as a liaison between the Donelan Office, community partners, and CBL students and faculty.
2. Visiting CBL classes with a Donelan Office staff member at the beginning of each
    semester to help answer student questions about doing CBL.
3. Attending and assisting at CBL Orientation.
4. Assisting in the placement process by advising students and helping to coordinate logistics.
5. Assisting in the facilitation of reflection sessions as requested by faculty members, students,
    staff, and/or community partners.
6. Promoting community-based learning to other students during the registration process.
7. Assisting in the recruitment and selection of future CBL interns.
8. Serving in an advisory capacity to the Donelan Office.
9. Being present in the Donelan Office for one "office hour" each week.