Community-Based Learning Courses


ANTH 101* Anthropological Perspective, Prof. Bafford (2 Sections) (CBL Placement, optional)
BIOL 401 Major Trends in Urban Forests, Prof. Geron (CBL Project)
CHEM 299-S01 Chemistry in Community, Prof. Avila-Bront (CBL Project)
CHEM 406 General Research, Prof. Avila-Bront (CBL Project)
CISS 238 Writing about Data and Policy, Prof. Morrison (CBL Project)
DFST 202* Intermediate American Sign Language 2, Prof. Clark (CBL Placement)
ENGL 299-S02 Disability and Literature, Prof. Stefan (CBL Project)
ENVS 299 Contested Waterscapes, Prof. Dubois (CBL Project)
ENVS 402 Legacy Effect on Trees, Prof. Geron (CBL Project)
GREK 102 Introduction to Greek 2, Profs. Smith and Ebbott (2 Sections) (CBL Project)
ITAL 202  Italian Composition & Conversation, Professor Di Filippo (CBL Project)
LATN 102 Intro. to Latin 2, Professors Machado and Smith (2 sections) (CBL Project)
MONT 100D* Freedom of Speech: Protest (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
MONT 102D God, the Senses, and Us: World(s) of Sense (2 sections) (CBL Project)
MONT 104S Pursuing Health: Health as a Common Good (CBL Project)
MONT 150D* Looking for God in All Things: The Divine in Daily Life (CBL Placement)
MONT 150S* Beginnings and Endings: The Art of Dying Well (CBL Placement/Project)
MONT 151D The Contemplative in Action: American Activists (CBL Project)
MONT 153S* The Science of Happiness: Flourishing (CBL Placement)
MONT 199D-S02* Identity, Diversity, and Community: Exploring Leadership (CBL Placement)
MONT 199D-S03* Activism and Pop Culture: Inclusion in Pop Culture (CBL Placement)
MONT 199N Environmental Humanities: Worcester Stories (CBL Project)
MONT 199S-S01* This Place (CBL Placement, Optional)
POLS 284* Human Rights, Professor Kennedy (CBL Placement, optional)
PSYC 399-S04 Investigating and Enhancing Motivation in the Classroom, Prof. Browman (CBL Project)
VAHI 100 Introduction to Visual Arts, Prof. Luyster (2 sections) (CBL Project)
VAHI 399-S02 Islamic Art and the Crusades, Prof. Luyster (CBL Project)

ACIP 380

Academic Internship Program

EDUC 167*

Educational Psychology

EDUC 315* English Learners
EDUC 320 Practicum: Middle and Secondary School Teaching
EDUC 330 Seminar in Teaching

*Students in starred courses are eligible for the CBL Transcript Designation (a zero-credit line on the transcript to indicate the added work of completing a weekly CBL placement). Inconsistent attendance may impact eligibility for the designation. Read more about the transcript designation on the for current CBL students page.