Community-Based Learning Courses

Why CBL? 

Selected comments from students, faculty, and community partners in our annual assessments help to demonstrate the impact that CBL can have on all involved:

  • “Being able to foster bonds with the individuals at the site was very fulfilling and motivating. It made me excited to be able to create this project for them. The project became much more than an assignment but an opportunity to connect with and help others.” (CBL student)
  • "CBL is a transformative learning experience for my students and, for many, the reason why they enrolled in the course. I value our partnership very much!" (CBL faculty member)
  • "All of the CBL students were a joy to have with us. Each in their own way, consistent with their own personalities worked diligently; engaged wonderfully with the staff, volunteers and guests. We appreciated their energy and cooperation." (Community partner)

And, our data* demonstrate that:

  • 90% of CBL students feel that the benefits of including CBL in their course(s) are worth the time it takes to fulfill the CBL requirements.
  • 91% of CBL students feel that CBL helps them to grow intellectually and personally. 
  • 100% of CBL faculty feel that including CBL in their course(s) enables their students to learn more deeply than they otherwise would have.
  • 100% of CBL community partners feel that by hosting CBL students, their agency is better able to meet community needs.

*Data taken from 2023-2024 CBL assessments.

CLAS 100Opening Classics, Profs. Seider and Knott (CBL Project)
DFST 101Elementary American Sign Language 1, Profs. Li and Mack (4 sections) (CBL Project)
DFST 201*Intermediate American Sign Language 1, Prof. Clark (CBL Placement)
ENVS 404Capstone Seminar, Prof. McAlister (CBL Project)
GREK 101Introduction to Greek 1, Profs. Binek & Ebbott (CBL Project) (2 Sections)
HIST 101*Struggles for Justice, Prof. O'Donnell (CBL Placement)
HIST 101China and America, Prof. Ren (CBL Project)
ITAL 301Italian Composition & Conversation, Prof. Di Filippo (CBL Project)
LATN 101Introduction to Latin 1, Profs. Glennie and Joseph (CBL Project) (2 Sections)
MONT 150D*Looking for God in all Things: The Divine in History (CBL Placement)
MONT 152D*Identity, Diversity, and Community: Exploring Difference (CBL Placement)
MONT 199C-F03*Accessibility and Ableism: Disability Histories and Futures (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
MONT 199D-F05*Engaged Spirituality: Everyday Spirituality (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
MONT 199G-F01*Identity in Motion: Asian Migration to the U.S. (CBL Placement)
MONT 199G-F02*Migration Narratives: The Long Journey and Arrival (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
MONT 199N-F04*Water: Water and Humans (2 sections) (CBL Placement)
MUSC 399-F02Advanced Composition/Songwriting, Prof. Jaskot (CBL Project)
PSYC 228*Psychology of Adolescence, Prof. Caola (CBL Placement)
PSYC 328*Adolescent Health, Prof. Ludden (CBL Placement & Project)
SOCL 269*Education and Society, Prof. Mott (CBL Placement)
SPAN 304Aspects of Spanish American Culture, Prof. Stone (CBL Project)
SPAN 312*Filmmaking in Spanish, Prof. Franco (CBL Project)
SPAN 415*Bilingualism in the Spanish Speaking World, Prof. Alba-Salas (CBL Placement, optional)
VAHI 310Kings and Caliphs, Prof. Luyster (CBL Project)
ACIPAcademic Internship Program
EDUC 167*Educational Psychology
EDUC 380Capstone Seminar


*Students in starred courses are eligible for the CBL Transcript Designation (a zero-credit line on the transcript to indicate the added work of completing a weekly CBL placement or an intensive CBL Project). Inconsistent attendance and/or the nature of the CBL Project may impact eligibility for the designation. Read more about the transcript designation on the for current CBL students page.