Placement Selection Process

This placement process is for students who are in placement-based CBL courses (where students are volunteering 2 hours per week over the course of the semester). If students are in project-based courses and have questions about how they will be connected to their community partners, contact the Donelan Office or your CBL professor.

For Spring '23 NEW Placement-based students:

Step 1: Review the potential community partners for your course.

Step 2: Attend CBL Office hours in the Donelan Office (Smith 322) to sign up for your preferred community partner on Monday, January 30th, 12-4pm and Tuesday, January 31st, 10am-2pm. Note that these are drop-in hours, and students can drop-in at any point during the time blocks.

  • Please bring your schedule and driver’s license (or another government-issued ID) in case the partner you choose requires you to fill out a CORI or other paperwork immediately.
  • During Office Hours, you will do the following:
  1. Get questions answered about the community partner options and select your preferred agency. 
  2. Complete any necessary paperwork to onboard with your community partner (e.g., a CORI background check, volunteer application, etc.)
  3. Get directions about next steps in getting connected. 

Step 3: Get connected with your community partner.

  • Mattie Carroll (Assistant Director of the Donelan Office) or a student leader will connect you, via e-mail, with your preferred community partner after office hours. Respond to this email to introduce yourself to your community partner and to confirm details pertaining to your weekly schedule and start date. If you don’t hear from Mattie, a student leader, and/or your preferred agency by Monday, February 6th, please contact Mattie ( 

Step 4: Watch the CBL Orientation Video

  • As a part of the on-boarding process for CBL, the Donelan Office requires placement-based students to view a CBL Orientation video. CBL students must view the video on their own time. The CBL Orientation video can be viewed here. You will be asked on the CBL registration form (see Step 6) to indicate that you've watched the video. The video contains helpful information about getting started with CBL, resources available to you, and information about safety and boundaries.

Step 5: If you need a ride to your CBL site, download the HC Go App. 

  • Using the HC Go app, book rides straight from your phone to travel to your CBL site safely and back. To sign up, download the HC Go app (use QR code), create an account, then head to the Promo Codes page in the app menu and enter your personalized code (non-transferable). Your code and further instructions on how to book a ride through the app will be sent to you via email from the J.D. Power Center. You can also access further instructions and transportation resources here. If you have any issues or questions, contact Fátima Oseida (, Assistant Director of the J.D. Power Center.

Step 6:  Submit your CBL Registration Form (due the week of Feb 13th)

  • Once you have confirmed your placement and schedule with your community partner, you will need to notify the Donelan Office of where and when you will be completing your CBL component by filling out a CBL Registration Form. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to download the PDF version of the form,  obtain a parent/guardian signature on the form, and submit the form via email to Mattie ( 

Step 7: Show up and ask questions!

Your first interaction with your CBL agency or site supervisor may occur through an orientation meeting after being connected via email. All CBL students should begin volunteering on a regular basis no later than the week of Monday, February 13th. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask questions of the Donelan Office, your agency, your peers, and your professor. Remedying questions or concerns as they arise will make for a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.

Note: MONT students and LATN students will generally continue with their same partner and do not need to be placed again; MONT students and LATN students DO need to complete a Spring '23 registration form.