Placement Selection Process

Step 1: Review the potential community partners for your course.

Read about the potential community partners selected for your course on the Donelan Office website or on myHC.

Step 2: Attend Community Engagement Night on Monday, September 6th at 6pm OR 7pm in Hogan Ballroom (visit the CBL Office in Smith 322 PRIOR TO this date if you cannot attend). You are pre-registered for the 6pm or 7pm session (MONT 104D, SPAN 302, SPAN 304, and SPAN 414 students will attend at 6pm and MONT 102G, MONT 106D, and MONT 108D students will attend at 7pm).

Please bring your schedule and driver’s license (or another government-issued ID) to Community Engagement Night (in case the site you choose requires you to fill out a CORI or other paperwork immediately).

At Community Engagement Night, you will do the following:

  1. Have a brief orientation with community engagement staff and student leaders in Hogan Ballroom.
  2. Visit the CBL room where you will learn more about the community partner options and select your preferred agency.
  3. Complete any necessary paperwork to onboard with your community partner (e.g., a CORI background check, volunteer application, etc.)
  4. Get directions about next steps in getting connected.

Note that Community Engagement Night is for CBL and SPUD. Please look for signage and ask for instructions about where to go and what to do if you are confused. Visit the Donelan Office (Smith 322) if you need further assistance.

Step 3: Get connected with your community partner.

Mattie Carroll (Experiential Learning Fellow of the Donelan Office) or a student leader will connect you, via e-mail, with your preferred community partner after Community Engagement Night. Respond to this email to introduce yourself to your community partner, to confirm whether space is available for you at their agency, and to confirm details pertaining to your start date and time. If you don’t hear from Mattie, a student leader, and/or your preferred agency within five days, please contact the Donelan Office. If you learn that your first-choice agency will not be able to accommodate you, contact the Donelan Office immediately to discuss alternatives.

Step 4: Investigate transportation options to your placement site. 

Detailed information about transportation options can be found on the transportation office's website. If you need to request transportation via a Holy Cross shuttle or van, submit a completed Transportation Request Form to the J.D. Power Center (available in the Donelan Office and on myHC). Please note that the sooner your Transportation Request Form is submitted the greater likelihood that there will be availability at the exact time you request. Transportation Requests must be submitted at least one week before your start date.

Step 5:  Submit your registration form to the Donelan Office (no later than Wednesday, September 15th).

Once your preferred agency confirms that they will have space for you and has confirmed your schedule, notify the Donelan Office of where you will be doing your community-based learning by filling out a CBL registration form. The registration form is a Google Form and should be submitted online. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to submit a hard copy of the form to the Donelan Office.