Placement Selection Process


Step 1: Review the potential community partners for your course.

Read about the potential community partners selected for your course on the Donelan Office website at:

Step 2: Complete the google form for your course to sign up for your top two community partner preferences. Complete this form by Monday, January 31st. Wait to hear from Mattie Carroll (Experiential Learning Fellow of the Donelan Office) with your final community partner assignment (contact the CBL Office [] or visit the CBL Office in Smith 322 if you have questions about the community partner options for your course). 

Step 3: Complete any necessary pre-service requirements for your community partner. Mattie Carroll will let you know if you have any pre-service paperwork and/or a virtual orientation meeting to attend with your partner. If you are already on campus, you can complete the pre-service paperwork in the Donelan Office during the designated office hours. If you are isolating or have not yet returned to campus, you can work with Mattie to complete the paperwork virtually. All paperwork must be completed by Friday, February 4th. Office Hours for completing pre-service requirements are listed below, and you will sign up for the office hours that work for your schedule in the sign-up google form for your course. Please bring your schedule and driver’s license (or another government-issued ID), as well as your social security number, to the Donelan Office when you come for office hours (in case the site you choose requires you to fill out a CORI or other paperwork immediately).

Office Hours: Tuesday, February 1st, 10am-12pm; Tuesday, February 1st, 2pm-4pm; Wednesday, February 2nd, 12-2pm

Step 4: Get connected with your community partner.

Mattie Carroll will connect you via email with your partner. Respond to this email to introduce yourself to your community partner, to confirm whether space is available for you at their agency, and to confirm details pertaining to your start date and time. If you don’t hear from Mattie and/or your community partner by February 9th, please contact the Donelan Office. If you learn that your agency will not be able to accommodate you, contact the Donelan Office immediately to discuss alternatives. 

Step 5: Investigate transportation options to your placement site.  

Detailed information about transportation options can be found at: On January 25th, Holy Cross is launching a transportation app, HC Go. If you are in need of transportation, CBL shuttles will be scheduled by you in the HC Go app. It is the same shuttle service you’ve used before, but with new bells and whistles! Using the HC Go app, book rides straight from your phone, get picked up in minutes, and travel to your site safely and back. To sign up, download the HC Go app then head to the Promo Codes page in the app menu and enter your personalized HC passcode. The passcode for CBL will be sent to you via email from the Donelan Office. Do not share this code with others. 

Step 6:  Submit your registration form to the Donelan Office (no later than February 11th).

Once your preferred agency confirms that they will have space for you and has confirmed your schedule, notify the Donelan Office of where you will be doing your community-based learning by filling out a CBL registration form. The registration form is a Google Form and should be submitted online: If you are under the age of 18, you will need to submit a hard copy of the form to the Donelan Office.