Community Engagement-Related Professional Organizations & Journals

AAC&U is the leading national association concerned with the quality, vitality, and public standing of undergraduate liberal education. AAC&U initiatives relevant to community-based learning include the following: Bringing Theory to Practice, Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement, Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility, and High-Impact Educational Practices.
The American Democracy Project is a multi-campus initiative focused on higher education's role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy.
Bringing theory to Practice (BT2P) is a national project, headquartered at Elon University. It is a community of educators committed to holistic change. They offer grants for civic engagement, student wellbeing, engaged learning, and more. They also work to help academic institutions collaborate across academic sectors and with their communities. They have published several books and offer a detailed newsletter. 
Campus Compact, a national higher education association, is dedicated to campus-based civic engagement. Campus Compact promotes public and community service that develops students' citizenship skills, helps campuses forge effective community partnerships, and provides resources and training for faculty seeking to integrate civic and community-based learning into the curriculum.
The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) has become a leading voice and forum for higher education leaders anchoring and energizing urban and metropolitan communities. CUMU helps its members contend with the complexities of their work by providing opportunities for them to exchange ideas for how to dismantle barriers and institutionalize practices that enable intentional, transformative change involving students, faculty, staff, and community partners.
Imagining America is a consortium of universities and organizations dedicated to advancing the public and civic purposes of humanities, arts, and design.
The International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement promotes the development and dissemination of research on service-learning and community engagement internationally and across all levels of the education system.
The National Center for the Study of University Engagement (NCSUE) seeks a greater understanding of how university engagement enhances faculty scholarship and community progress. The Center convenes scholars and community fellows to explore ways of creating institutional support for building truly collaborative arrangements.
The National Society for Experiential Education (SEE) is a nonprofit membership organization composed of educators, businesses, and community leaders founded in 1971 that strives to cultivate educators who effectively use experiential education as an integral part of personal, professional, civic, and global learning.  
The New England Faculty Development Consortium (NEFDC) is a not-for-profit, regional organization dedicated to enhancing the professional development of faculty and administrators committed to excellence in teaching and learning. Each year the NEFDC sponsors a full day conference in the fall, followed by three related workshops in the spring. The Consortium also publishes The Exchange in the spring, and occasional special issues, providing an opportunity for members share their work in a peer reviewed publication. They offer financial awards to members of up to $2,000 in the spring to encourage and support the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Outreach Scholarship is a national conference which provides an opportunity for critical reflection on the public mission and work of an academic institution and serves to strengthen institutional support for engagement and public scholarship.Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship Retrieved from The mission of this journal is to provide "a mechanism through which faculty, staff, and students of academic institutions and their community partners disseminate scholarly works from all academic disciplines with the goal of integrating teaching, research, and community engagement."
Society for Experiential Education: Founded in 1971, the Society for Experiential Education (SEE) is the premier, nonprofit membership organization composed of a global community of researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders who are committed to the establishment of effective methods of experiential education as fundamental to the development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that empower learners and promote the common good. SEE sustains a great variety of experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, micro-experiences, service learning, global experience, and more. The Society’s vision is to expand the perspectives shared and voices heard throughout our growing profession so that they are representative of the practitioners and students in the field of experiential education.
Citizenship Teaching & Learning is a peer-reviewed journal focuses on citizenship teaching and learning in all contexts, for all ages, within and beyond schools. It brings together the work of researchers, policy-makers, administrators and practicing professionals in this important area.
Collaborations: A Journal of Community-Based Research and Practice is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, sponsored by the University of Miami and Rutgers University. It is a site for sharing research and practice emanating from university-community collaborations. It was created to highlight research that describes, examines and evaluates the many different forms of university-community collaborations.
ENGAGE! is committed to advancing the field of community engaged research (CER) and community based participatory research (CBPR) in urban settings, nationally and internationally. The journal addresses current issues, and challenges, facing urban communities. ENGAGE! invites discussion and development of empirical, conceptual, and theoretical articles that make substantial contributions to the field in all areas of community engaged research, evaluation and assessment. The journal provides a forum for community scholars and university scholarly exchange of research findings ideas that advance knowledges that make a societal impact.
Experiential Learning and Teaching in Higher Education captures the best current scholarship in experiential learning: how it can be defined, strengthened, promoted, and assessed for the sake of educational effectiveness and equity.
Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement is a refereed journal that responds to an emerging global movement of collaborative, critical and change-oriented community-university research initiatives. It provides a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to explore issues and reflect on methodological practices relating to the full range of engaged activity. The journal publishes empirical and evaluative case studies of community-based research and pedagogy; detailed analyses of partnership models, processes and practices; and theoretical reflections that contribute to the scholarship of engagement.
The International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IJRSLCE) is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to disseminating high-quality research focused on service-learning, campus-community engagement, and the promotion of active and effective citizenship through education. IJRSLCE is international in scope, with an interest in service-learning and community engagement both in the United States and around the world.
The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education is an on-line, open access, refereed journal concerned with exploring community engagement and community-based learning perspective, research, and practice.
The Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES) is a peer-reviewed international journal through which faculty, staff, students, and community partners disseminate scholarly works. JCES integrates teaching, research, and community engagement in all disciplines, addressing critical problems identified through a community-participatory process.
The Journal of Experiential Education (JEE) is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing refereed articles on experiential education in diverse contexts. The JEE provides a forum for the empirical and theoretical study of issues concerning experiential learning, program management and policies, educational, developmental, and health outcomes, teaching and facilitation, and research methodology. 
The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement serves "as the premier peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal to advance theory and practice related to all forms of outreach and engagement between higher education institutions and communities."
The Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education is an online, international, peer-reviewed journal for the dissemination of original research regarding effective institutional-community partnerships. Its primary emphasis is to provide an outlet for sharing the methodologies and pedagogical approaches that lead to effective community-identified outcomes
The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL) is an open-access journal focusing on research, theory, pedagogy, and other matters related to academic service-learning, campus-community partnerships, and engaged/public scholarship in higher education. MJCSL is published by the University of Michigan's Edward Ginsberg Center, with support from Michigan Publishing.
Public is a peer-reviewed, multimedia e-journal focused on humanities, arts, and design in public life. It aspires to connect what we can imagine with what we can do. Public is interested in projects, pedagogies, resources, and ideas that reflect rich engagements among diverse participants, organizations, disciplines, and sectors. It is part of the national consortium Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, committed to the relationship between culture and participatory democracy
Reflections is a peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholarship on public rhetoric, civic writing, service-learning, and community literacy. Originally founded as a venue for teachers, researchers, students and community partners to share research and discuss the theoretical, political and ethical implications of community-based writing and writing instruction, Reflections publishes a lively collection of scholarship on public rhetoric and civic writing, occasional essays and stories both from and about community writing and literacy projects, interviews with leading workers in the field, and reviews of current scholarship touching on these issues and topics.
The Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research, is a refereed, multidisciplinary, online undergraduate journal that advances knowledge in new scholarly arenas by presenting intellectual and reflective work by undergraduates. The Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research is open to undergraduate students in the U.S. and across the globe in all subject areas.