For Current CBL Supervisors

Supervisor Manual

The Supervisor Manual (PDF) is designed to provide helpful information to support you as an effective CBL Supervisor. The manual contains a brief history of the Donelan Office, an in-depth definition of community-based learning, a description of the ways in which students grow from participating in CBL, a description of the staff positions in the Donelan Office, a description of the expectations and logistics associated with supervising CBL students, and tips for being a dynamic supervisor.

Learning Agreement

Feedback we have received from both students and community partners has revealed  that the CBL experience could be improved with additional resources to facilitate the introduction/orientation process. Therefore, we have created a template for a CBL Student and Site Supervisor Learning Agreement (DOC) that you can elect to utilize to initially establish the student/supervisor relationship and assist with the setting and managing of expectations for the semester. You may find that creating a written agreement can be useful throughout your semester together as you can return to it if challenges may arise or expectations are not being met. Our hope is that this tool may enable you to have an even better experience with your current and future Holy Cross students. Regardless of whether you choose to utilize this form, we encourage community partners and students to have a formal conversation at the beginning of the semester to discuss each other’s hopes and expectations of your work together.

Semester Calendar

With few exceptions, students in CBL Placement classes are expected to attend their placement sites every week throughout the semester (except for holidays and breaks). Please refer to the Academic Calendar for Holy Cross holidays and breaks. Students are not expected to attend their placement sites on these days, but they may make arrangements with you to do so if they wish. Please communicate directly with the students about any days on which your agency will be closed or your programs will not run.  

Contact the Donelan Office

Please feel free to contact the Donelan Office any time with questions, concerns, or new ideas.