Community-Based Learning Blog

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Who is blogging?

The Community-Based Learning Interns are the primary bloggers. The blog also features guest posts from CBL students, alumni, faculty, and community partners.

What are the Interns responsible for?

The Interns are student leaders who serve as a liaison between the Donelan Office, community partners, and CBL students and faculty. They have a variety of responsibilities, including promoting CBL opportunities to faculty and other students; leading reflection sessions for students in CBL courses; and working with faculty, students, and community organizations to organize CBL placements and projects.

What are the bloggers writing about?

The bloggers share all about Community-Based Learning, as well as about relevant topics and happenings. Posts discuss CBL courses, community involvement, and service and justice-oriented learning and personal development bloggers have gained from engaging in CBL, service, and experiential learning.

Why are they blogging?

Our bloggers are blogging to create a dialogue with current and prospective CBL students and the wider CBL and Holy Cross communities. Bloggers raise and discuss thought-provoking questions about social justice issues. Readers’ comments and questions are welcome!